Harvests galore!

It’s always mildly amusing how quickly “nothing” can turn into “something” in a garden. Take, for example, our tomatoes. We know full well by now that they seem to take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to grow into fully fledged plants, and then that the green tomatoes that appear in abundance seem to take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to ripen. But we also know that even when we get things started late, August sounds the bell of harvest time in earnest, especially with the tomatoes. Just take a look at what we’ve gotten over the past week-and-a-half! Continue reading


The Year’s Third Update in Pictures

After the supreme heat of July placed us in a semi-delusion state, we thought August might never arrive, but here we are! And the heat hasn’t gone anywhere, unfortunately. (Nope, still got a couple months of summer left…still.) If nothing else, the current climate dictates the need for an icy, refreshing beverage, which is exactly what we’re going to pick up, while also sitting down, as we take the year’s third trip around the garden in pictures. Enjoy! Continue reading

Maintenance and surprises (good and bad)

This past weekend was a good one to be outside, especially since there was a good break in this weekend. And with more storms/rain on the way, which will likely dampen this coming weekend, we took the opportunity to get the heck outdoors! Plus, the garden really needed a good clean-up. First on the agenda was mowing the lawn and weeding. We’ve talked a bit before about our somewhat infrequent (and indifferent?) weeding schedule. It’s always interesting to ask other gardeners how often they weed, with some folks forgoing it entirely, while others somehow have the time to get out every few days for the chore. Our biggest hassle is the long bean bed. Because it’s not raised and we’ve not amended it much, it can easily become a veritable grassland. Ans the grass that grows in it is particularly invasive and difficult to pull, especially when it’s short. Continue reading

Things are looking good…and not so good

It’s kind of amazing just how quickly things can transform in a garden. It’s unfortunate when those transformations aren’t good, but still, a garden’s tendency to change from week to week, or even day to day, certainly keeps one on one’s toes! Why, just in the past couple weeks, we were feeling pretty darn good about our squash plants. We even had one zucchini harvest, which we just picked: Continue reading

Surviving the summer’s first heat wave

When the thermometer barely grazed 80 degrees this past weekend, after trudging through a week where things were well into the 90s with “real feels” soaring in the 100s, it almost felt winter-riffic! No kidding, there were a couple moments were we *almost* pulled out a couple blankets just to get through the chilly mornings, but what a relief it was to finally have the heat break. Continue reading