When all is quiet

Should we use this space to complain about yet another snowstorm? Eh, at this point, it seems quiet redundant. But yes, along with everyone else, we survived our fourth Nor’Easter of March. And though this one dumped them most snowfall of all the storms this month, it really wasn’t that bad. Our local road crews did a good job of keeping the streets clear, and we really only had to shovel out once. Plus, warm temps that followed made quick work of the snow generally, though even now there are still a few stubborn piles here and there. An d this week, Mother Nature has changed her tune significantly towards a Spring-ier song! Warm and rainy is what’s promised…we’ll see how that all pans out.

Another snowy day, as seen from our screened-in porch

Meanwhile, there’s little else to report. Our new sump pump has been working like a champ, and we’ve had no further plumbing mishaps *knock on wood* since. The seedlings are doing nicely, and we made a first pass at thinning out the tomatoes (more on that next week). As we head into Easter, it’s a good time for some quiet reflection anyway. And right now, we’ll take all the quiet we can get!


Is there such a thing as “cold fatigue?”

Boy, has it ever been chilly around these parts lately! If this March has proven anything this year, it’s that it is in no way ready to relinquish that whole “In like a lion…” thing. We’ve had our share of warm snaps this winter, but March has been steadily in the 30s and 40s (if not colder) for most of the month. And now we’re facing our fourth Nor’Easter …yes, big ol’ numero FOUR… of the month! As it’s now just the First Day of Spring, if we aren’t ready for some warmth, we don’t know who is!

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Happy Seed-Starting Day!

So many seeds!

Seed Starting Day has become something of an unofficial holiday in our house. On that day, we spend half the day with the seeds, from preparing the trays to the actual planting of them, and then we spend the other half of the day being as lazy as possible. 🙂 Okay, “being lazy” is relative, so maybe the most we did was order pizza. Either way, this year’s Seed Starting Day, which we held this past Sunday, was as good as any. And this was despite the fact that our yard looks like this just a couple days earlier:

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A Few New Seeds to Try…Just a Few

We will readily admit that we’ve tended to go overboard when it comes to purchasing new seeds for the year. Making things worse, is that with each new year comes a brand new set of seed catalogs, with more new ones showing up all the time. Here’s this year’s stash:

While it’s super fun going through each catalog, picking out all the “yes!” and “maybe?” seeds, this year it was a little overwhelming. And that’s mostly because we think we have a pretty good seed stash already. Did we really need to to add another two-dozen new varieties of this, that, and the other just because?

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Planning this year’s garden

So our theme with this year’s garden is “less is more,” and that’s come out in our planning maps for the year. In essence, we plan on planting few plants in the hopes of obtaining more bountiful, and disease-free, harvests.

Our secondary motto is “switch things up!” (With an exclamation point for extra emphasis, of course.) This won’t play out in all the beds, but with at least a few, we’re going to be switching what we plant in them. This is partially good mini-agriculture practice – to rotate plants in and out of different beds — and partially to confound the rabbits, as they have become more and more gung-ho with each year to get at everything we try to plant!

So let’s take a look at what we hope will go where! (Because nothing is ever set in stone when it comes to gardening.

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A taste of Spring, and yes, it’s still February

One of our favorite things about this blog is that it’s given us a way to archive not only our own gardening history, but also that of the changing seasons. Just a couple years ago, in 2016, we had a very strange February, one that started out with snow and turned into full-fledged Spring just a couple weeks later! Now we’re back in a similar situation. Only that the month started off in a deep freeze sans snow, and now, a couple weeks later, we’ve had a warm and rainy taste of Spring!

Sorry for the quality – it’s the best we could do through a screen. But it’s enough to see that the yard was wet. V-E-R-Y- wet.
Puddles everywhere.
We’re talking pool-like conditions!

Just like the year with snow then rain, the change was plain ol’ weird. After weeks of bundling up in layers just to go outside and get the mail, we suddenly only needed short sleeves and rain jackets. It rained pretty steadily this past Saturday into Sunday, and Sunday was an all-day affair. The temperatures well reflected the goings-on, especially when we hit a tropical 65 degrees on Sunday! As of today, we’re back in the 40s, which seems normal. But Springtime is once again on its way back, as we’ve been promised more days ahead in the 50s and 60s…and more rain is likely, too.

If rain is good for anything, it’s staying inside to plan to garden! We’ll talk a bit more about that next week. Oh, and a new batch of seeds just arrived, so maybe we’ll get to them too. In the meantime, all this rain has brought about was looks like a new roof leak (hopefully not though *fingers crossed*), so maybe we should see to fixing that while it’s still dry.

Time to get out the tools!