Out with a fizzle

After reviewing the current state of the garden, thinking that with our final post of the season we’d be doing one last round-up in pictures, we realized that things currently look about the same as they did in our last round of images from the beginning of the month, only with a little less color and a whole lot more leaves on the ground.

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Staying In; Cleaning Up

With fall now firmly “planted,” we had planned too much this past weekend. After all, we thought, it’s going to be nice and cool outside, so it’ll be the perfect time to get out and get some work done. And…it probably would have been had it not been for a couple surprise rain showers, one of which completely drenched Sunday morning.

What’s that they say about the best laid plans…?

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Sometimes, one day is all it takes

One day.

In a mere 24-hours, we went directly from summer to fall. And not a nice, cool, temperate fall, but a chilly, humid, and wet fall. The kind that we might have experienced around Thanksgiving, way back when. We knew that cooler weather was coming, but we were quite surprised at just how “cool” cool turned out to be.

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Still chugging along (in the sunshine, at least!)

Wow, was this past weekend such a nice one!  The last couple weeks of September felt so miserable, what with so much rain and unending gray skies, especially on the weekends, it seemed. Granted, we ended up under a passing rainstorm just before the weekend. But afterwards, we had a perfectly glorious two days in a row. Continue reading

Saving tomatoes for another rainy day (in the wintertime)

For the past couple years, we’ve been experimenting with different ways to preserve our hefty tomato crop. Canning is great, and freezing is easy, and…um…well, okay…canning and freezing is all we’ve really got. So maybe we’re not much experimenting as much as simply figuring our which of those tried and true methods we prefer. Continue reading

Carrots and beans and then some

After dealing with a slew of rainy weekends, how nice it was to finally catch a break! This past weekend was really lovely. It was a bit on the humid side, but still rather fall-like and…most importantly, there was NO RAIN. As such, we were able to spend a good bit of time dealing with yard stuff, mostly raking, picking up fallen branches, and mowing, but it was yard stuff all the same. Continue reading