Sometimes, one day is all it takes

One day.

In a mere 24-hours, we went directly from summer to fall. And not a nice, cool, temperate fall, but a chilly, humid, and wet fall. The kind that we might have experienced around Thanksgiving, way back when. We knew that cooler weather was coming, but we were quite surprised at just how “cool” cool turned out to be.

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The year’s fourth update in pictures

Given how warm it’s been lately, it’s hard to believe it’s October, but the leaves are actually falling, so guess that means it is technically Fall.  In any event, what it really means is that we’re behind in our garden image galleries this year, so let’s get right to a new round-up in pictures!

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Still chugging along (in the sunshine, at least!)

Wow, was this past weekend such a nice one!  The last couple weeks of September felt so miserable, what with so much rain and unending gray skies, especially on the weekends, it seemed. Granted, we ended up under a passing rainstorm just before the weekend. But afterwards, we had a perfectly glorious two days in a row. Continue reading

Saving tomatoes for another rainy day (in the wintertime)

For the past couple years, we’ve been experimenting with different ways to preserve our hefty tomato crop. Canning is great, and freezing is easy, and…um…well, okay…canning and freezing is all we’ve really got. So maybe we’re not much experimenting as much as simply figuring our which of those tried and true methods we prefer. Continue reading

Carrots and beans and then some

After dealing with a slew of rainy weekends, how nice it was to finally catch a break! This past weekend was really lovely. It was a bit on the humid side, but still rather fall-like and…most importantly, there was NO RAIN. As such, we were able to spend a good bit of time dealing with yard stuff, mostly raking, picking up fallen branches, and mowing, but it was yard stuff all the same. Continue reading

A taste of fall (in September, no less!)

With the remnants of Tropical Storm Gordon washing out our weekend, our couple days off were all about simply enjoying the cool, if damp and rainy, temperatures. And how nice it was! Much like that first warm day after winter where one finally gets out of the house and into some sunshine, there’s nothing like that first “airing” out of the house after a supremely hot and humid summer. Granted, it’s warmed back up a bit since the weekend, but at least the house doesn’t feel so very stuffy.

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Not laboring on Labor Day

Happy (belated) Labor Day, one and all! In our regular tradition, we’re taking the week off from making an official post to enjoy the unofficial end of summer. Hard to believe that we’re on the back half of the summer growing season already. That first frost date in mid-November will arrive soon enough, but there’s plenty to keep us busy until then. It’s looking like much of our fall will be spent shelling beans and preserving tomatoes in some way or other, which sounds perfect! It is too bad that the squash didn’t do well this year, because there’s nothing quite like homemade butternut squash soup on a chilly day. But no regrets, because there’s always next year.

Even though the school buses have just started running and pumpkin-spice-everything is just around the corner, summer isn’t over yet. So cheers to a productive (and not-too-warm, although this week is proving otherwise) September!