Ringing in Fall

Okay, so Fall is still officially a couple weeks away, and Summer is clearly not yet ready to give up its grasp, but the colors of our recent harvests say that the season’s are definitely a’ changing!

Reds, oranges, and golds say it all!

We finally got around to picking the few squash that had been lingering: two pattypans and an itty-bitty pumpkin.

See, itty-bitty!
A perfectly-shaped pattypan.

Back in the spring, we knew that the miniature pumpkin we planted would be small, if we got any, but we didn’t realize just how small “small” would be. Hence, the pumpkin that fits in the palm of your hand! We only got one, and once it seemed that it wasn’t going to get any bigger, it came inside. It’s far too  cute to eat, so right now its serving as our one and only “fall” decoration. We’ll see how long it lasts.

As for the pattypan, we found this older recipe for a Summer Vegetable Succotash on epicurious.com, and gave it a go. The results were delicious! We subbed in some of our own Christmas Lima beans for the soybeans, used a yellow onion instead of a red onion, added in a pinch of garlic powder at the end, and served it on top of cheese grits. We specifically made it on a cooler evening, as it has a cozy, winter-food vibe. The pattypans cooked up wonderfully, tender with a slight bite. Yum!

Next on our harvesting roster is carrots.

We’ve been picking a few here and there, and it’s pretty clear that they’re as ready as they’re going to be, so we’ll probably be making a full harvest this coming weekend. While we planted several different types of them, only two varieties made it to the end of the season. One was a regular Danvers-style carrot – they were one of the free seed packets we got from Baker Creek this year; the other was a stubby variety called Caracas. In the picture above, the carrot on the left is a Danvers, the one on the right is a Caracas, and the one in the middle is…well, we think it’s a Danvers that had some issues. It will be interesting to see how the rest turn out. In the meantime, we’re pretty much putting these carrots in anything and everything – they are so fresh, crunchy, and carrot-y!

And finally…tomatoes. Always with the tomatoes!

We love seeing what new types of we end up with at the end of each season, and there’s always something new, like this…well, this pumpkin-shaped one! It’s not a variety we planted, nor one we recognize. Our best guess is that a Marmande (normally large-ish, red, flat-round, ridged) hybridized with either a Sun Sugar or Yellow Gooseberry cherry tomato. The result is this little beauty. We will certainly be saving its seeds, along with a few other new-ish types that appeared this year, as well.

How nice it is that the garden still holds some surprises after all these years!

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