In with the August harvests

It’s mid-August, and we’re on track with harvests galore!

Okay, so we’ve been harvesting things, yes, but now things have begun to really even out. Tomatoes are coming in steadily, what with us have to pick new one every few days lest they rot or become food for the squirrels. There’s been a lull in cucumbers of late, but should the weather hold out (and it looks like it will), by the looks of all the baby cucumbers still hanging on, we’ll likely get a new round of them in a couple weeks. We took in a whole new batch of string beans, which were summarily eaten (yummy!), and, as you can see in the picture above, we test-picked a couple carrots. One of them was so long that it broke off in the ground! Digging the rest out at the end of the month should prove…interesting. But at least they’re looking pretty good at this point and are delicious, besides.

In related news, after biding our time, we decided to dig up the rest of the potatoes…and…!

Not too shabby, eh? This group of 18 tubers came from both our grow bags. In way, it was a little disappointing because we were hoping for more. Then again, we probably planted too many seed potatoes per bag to begin with, so next year we may only put two or three starters per bag. While most of the potatoes came out fine, a few of them, as you can readily see, had dark, bumpy spots. Certainly not something we’d ever seen on store potatoes, that’s for sure. We headed online for some research and discovered something called Potato Scab Disease (PSD). As unpleasant as it sounds, in our case, the “scabs” only affected the outer layers  of the affected potatoes. After we cut off the skins, the insides were perfectly fine. It seems that one cause of PSD is too-acidic soil, so we’ll see what we can do to rectify that next year. With the new soil we bought earlier in the year, we were pretty unhappy with its quality (very woody and loose), so we’ll skip its particular brand next year and try something else. Gardening is nothing if not trial and error! In the end, all the potatoes were lovely – some went straight into potato salad, which might have just been the most tasty potatoes salad ever(!), and the ones we had to peel were mashed with garlic and butter and were simply perfect.

Elsewhere in the garden, the shelling beans have been a little slow to arrive. One plant of Blue Goose Cowpeas has been quite prolific, one plant of Red Ripper Cowpeas has been coming along, but the rest are quiet and mostly just flowering at the point. The remaining squash plants — we had to get rid of another two that rotted at the stems and died off — are doing their best. The other day we saw a sign of one of our mini pumpkins (a variety perfectly titled “Jack Be Little“)! Getting just one of those little suckers would be very exciting, not so much because we’d have a little pumpkin, but because it’d be one more step in helping up understand what works best in our garden. (Trials and errors beget more trials and errors, as it were.) As we continue on, it looks like we’ll be eating tomatoes, at least, for many more weeks. Thank goodness for their versatility and general wonderfulness. 😀

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