A Not-Quite-Tacit Tuesday

In our somewhat silly take on the “Wordless Wednesday” theme — where one blogs pictures instead of words — and also, because it’s Tuesday and not Wednesday and “Wordless Tuesday” just doesn’t sound all that great — we’re offering up a few shots of our garden-ready yard and environs. Last weekend we completed the final round of clean-up. We finally mowed the yard (much to the dismay of our allergies), we tilled and put down new soil in most of the beds (the extra-long bed for beans remains, but that’s a separate project altogether), and we planted some lettuce/greens and radishes (but everything still looks like dirt now, so no need to record that for posterity). Our peas are looking quite lovely, in an among all that too. Here’s a few quick shots of how things look.

Now that we can finally see the ground, let the gardening officially commence!
Taking first place in the pea contest is the barrel of garden peas…
…second place goes to the sugar snap peas…
…and in third place are the snow peas.
The strawberries took quite a beating this past winter, so they aren’t as full as they have been in the past. Still, it’s May, so the flowering has started, practically on queue!
We’re hoping to get a good crop of berries this year.
Rather than look at more piles of dirt, how about some azaleas? We have plenty!
Believe it our not, this is a different azalea bush from the previous picture. In real life, these actually look very red. The previous ones are very fuchsia.
Our tiniest azalea bush. This plant was mere sticks when we moved into the house six years ago. Now it’s looking like quite the perfect bouquet!
Every year a few branches from a white azalea bush peek out from under our forsythia/honeysuckle bush.

Weather-pending, this coming weekend will be all about transplanting tomatoes and peppers. The seedlings are now in their eighth week, so it’s high time they get into the ground. Since it looks like we’re in for a week of steady temps in the 60s and 70s, 80s by the weekend, the ground should be plenty good to receive the new plants. Oh, how nice it is to finally experience actual springtime!


4 thoughts on “A Not-Quite-Tacit Tuesday

  1. janesmudgeegarden 05/09/2018 / 1:12 am

    I guess you have a lot of seedling eating creatures, hence the wire around your garden. The azaleas are really wonderful: the littlest one a perfect shape.

    • Garden State-ments 05/14/2018 / 11:10 am

      Yes, we have lots of overly-inquisitive squirrels and rabbits in the neighborhood. They’ve been a problem since day one, but we’ve slowly come up with ways to keep them out of the crops…mostly.

      We can’t wait until that little azalea grows into a full-sized bush. It’ll add such color to the front of the house!

  2. fmajewicz 05/09/2018 / 6:25 am

    Spring! It’s wonderful to see the flowering plants – so pretty. Good luck with the planting this weekend.

    • Garden State-ments 05/14/2018 / 11:10 am

      Thanks! We managed to do some but not as much as we had hoped….as we’ll be writing about soon. 🙂

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