We have sprouts!

It’s been only a week since we celebrated seed-starting day, and already this gardening season is on its way!

As we had hoped, many of the tomatoes have already started up. Much to our surprise, there are even a couple tiny pepper seedlings, as well. What’s great is that it looks like multiple seeds in each cup have sprouted, so while we will have to thin them out eventually, it’s good to know that the seeds we’ve been saving and storing are mostly healthy. Now it’s just a matter of nurturing these guys for the next several weeks in the hopes that they grow big and strong!

Meanwhile, we’ve got couple other surprises elsewhere indoors. The first is this little guy:

Yep, it’s a tiny orange pepper!

Okay, okay, so it’s not orange yet, but it’s on an orange pepper plant that we brought inside at the end of last season. We’ve managed to overwinter this plant for a couple years, but it’s never produced anything while indoors. Whether or not it’s a usable pepper is another matter, so we’ll see how long it lasts.

The other surprise is our blackberry plant, which just started producing the prettiest pink flowers!

When we took in this plant just before the winter hit, we were…well…we were sure that that plant was done for. It lost nearly all its leaves and looked like little more than a bunch of twigs. We did our best to keep the plant warm-ish throughout December and January, ut we were feeling certain that it wouldn’t come back. And yet, as the old adage goes, “life finds a way.” Sure enough, the plant started showing signs of life around mid-February. One by one, small buds started popping up on a few the spindly branches. Now, we have two spots that are flowering and several more that are showing new growth. It seems unlikely that we’ll get any blackberries from this action, but who knows. We sure didn’t expect to see a pepper growing on the one plant, so maybe a few sweet treats are in our future! (Or, maybe we’ll get a warm patch of weather soon and will be able to put the blackberry in the sunshine. Seems unlikely with the winter weather we’ve been having of late, but once again…who knows!)


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