The year’s second update in pictures

Hello, all! It’s time once again to take another picture trip around the garden. We’ve got a lot of images to get through, so let’s move onto the gallery (in no particular order), post haste!

Starting at the back of the yard, the tomatoes there are doing alright, even the ones that were in danger of being crushed by that branch. (There’s one plant that is doing poorly – back right. That barrel has drainage problems, which we’ve tried to address to no avail.)

From one of the tomato barrels. Looking promising! By the way, this looks to be our year for cherry tomatoes – they are doing really well all around!

Also around back, we found a lone basil plant just doing its thing. Being basil.

Moving over the squash bed, things aren’t looking so hot. Our attempt at ridding the bed of squash bugs worked a little but not enough. There aren’t as many squash bugs as there were, but the survivors are still wrecking havoc. It’s a process.

Despite the squash bugs, we still have squash, like this gorgeous yellow zucchini that will be picked as soon as the end of its green stem turns yellow. There also another green squash peeking out on the left.

And here’s a baby zucchini that just might make it…we hope!

This is the volunteer tomato living in the squash bed. We thought it was a Yellow Gooseberry or Sunpeach Hybrid, but no, it’s actually a Sun Sugar Hybrid. (We can tell in that the tomatoes are turning orange rather than straight yellow or red.) These are super sweet and tasty – really good in salads.

In the other stone bed, our tomatoes are coming along…slowly. Which is a little surprising considering how warm it’s been lately. By the way, the frilly stuff is asparagus.


These are supposed to be 42-day tomatoes, according to their name. They’ve taken that long and then some just to get to this stage!

More cherry tomatoes. So many cherry tomatoes!

At the end of the tomato bed, we have a bushel of ground cherries. We didn’t plant a single seed – they came back on their own…much to the delight of the squirrels…unfortunately.

A grand shot of all (or most of) our beans.

After mulching with dry grass, the bush beans are loving life. We’re still harvesting them every week, and more are back on the way.

Meanwhile, the pole beans are doing great. (All this helps make up for the poor, poor squash.)

Over in the raised beds, the cucumbers in the first one are a mixed bag. Some of the plants couldn’t be happier, while others are just okay. After taking this picture, we picked three more cukes to add to the stash, so they can’t be doing that bad!

You can barely see raised bed #2 thanks to the Nema-Gone marigold that simply went wild! Seriously, that giant bush on the left is a marigold. We plan to replant some greens in the bed soon, so it’s possible that the marigold might have to transplanted.

Raised bed #3 used to have peas in it, but the rabbits quickly changed our plans. Instead, now there’s marigolds, tomatoes, and peppers. At least something is growing!

The fourth and final raised bed is all about flowers right now. As with the second raised bed, we hope to replant some greens/lettuces here in the coming weeks.

On the side of the house, we have more tomatoes, and they are actually coming along pretty well. Late though, as with everything else.
We’ll end here with a couple of our potted plants – that’s a blackberry on the right and an orange bell pepper on the left. We’re actually getting blackberries! They’re sour, yes, but we’re glad that the plant is doing okay. And we’ll be harvesting these little peppers just as soon as they turn bright orange.

Well, how that’s for a grand garden gallery! And after looking at all these pictures, we’re off to do a little weeding now, as it seems like it’s about time for a little maintenance. 🙂


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