Flowers, flowers everywhere!

In a twist that only Mother Nature could appreciate, it looks like Springtime in the garden! Okay, so that’s not entirely true, but thanks to our late start this year, the garden certainly is blooming away here in early July. If nothing else, it makes for some pretty photo-ops, which is what we’re sharing this week.

So around this time last year (maybe a week or so later, actually), we already had zucchini coming in. Well, despite our volunteer squash that got a very early start, all we’ve got at this point this year is flowers. But we expect some squash to start showing at any time. The flowers sure are at their prettiest early in the mornings.

What is making quite the showing right now are the string beans! Yep, we just made out first harvest of them — yellow wax beans fancily called Beurre de Rocquencourt, along with a few delicate Purple Teepee beans  — a few days ago, along with some greens and some really beautiful basil.

So the beans are coming along nicely, and there’s already more to harvest!

Besides flowers that will lead to food, many of our other flowers are going strong. Our lace-cap hydrangea bush has rebounded with flying colors!

And we’ve got Double Bloom daylillies for…well, days!

Meanwhile, we just got our first peek at our new snapdragons. The ones below are the purple Black Prince variety. The pink Apple Blossom ones should be arriving soon.

And last but not least, we can’t talk flowers without talking marigolds. We planted several plots of them throughout the beds, and then scattered seeds as much as we could. (Some took, some didn’t.) In the borders of the concrete raised beds, we have some lovely French Dwarf marigolds that are coming in nicely…

…and then we have several plots of Nema-Gone marigolds are that looking good. This variety is supposed to be good for the soil (helps kill nematodes, or roundworms), and it produces lots of green foliage with beautiful, small, yellow-orange flowers.

Finally, we managed to get a shot of one of the newest members of the local rabbit clan.

As annoying as the rabbits can be, the little ones are very cute, we have to admit. A couple weeks ago, while we were cleaning up outside, we unknowingly spooked a tiny one (could have been this guy as a newborn) that had been hiding, and he ran right into one of the net cages and got himself all caught up. His freak-out lasted only a couple seconds as he managed to free himself before skedaddling. While we’ve not seen the parent bunnies recently, we have seen this single little guy hanging out in the yard frequently. He’s a brave one, too, as none of the neighbors’ dogs seems to phase him.

Ah, well. Hopefully a pretty garden will turn out to be a productive garden. There’s still several months to go!



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