Happy Fourth of July!

It’s a grand day for a celebration, no? 🙂

It’s rather hard to believe that it’s already the beginning of July (wasn’t January, like yesterday??). But here we are, and we had a lovely day full of  R n’ R, along with some grilling. We thought about doing some weeding, but those thoughts never quite translated into action. And now that the sun’s about down, we’ll also be taking in some fireworks. (There’s a nearby show that we can see from our backyard. Neat!) As such, we’re taking a break from posting today…um..other than this post to say we’re not posting.

How’s that for meta?

Anyway, we hope you enjoy(ed) a great 4th, whether you chose to sleep in or celebrate. We’ll be back next week with more updates from the garden. Cheers!


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