In a holding pattern

So it seems that this year, March and May decided to switch places. During March, temperatures round here were moderate to above average. Now here was are in May with days barely reaching 60 degrees! While it’s nice to not suddenly be in the 80s (June will be here soon enough), this weather pattern has put a damper on gardening activities. And the rain isn’t helping either.  Well, it is helping of course, but you know what we mean.

Last Friday we had a dreary day full of rain, and it soaked the backyard through and through. The idea then was to hope that things dried out enough, and got warm enough over Saturday so that we could start some tomato and pepper transplants on Sunday. What actually happened was that it was cold and showery on Saturday and even colder but less showery (though it still rained a little) on Sunday. So our ground has been too cold and too soggy for anything much, though some of the lettuces and green that we planted that time around have started showing small sprouts. Nothing too exciting is happening yet, however. If things dry out a little this week, maybe we ‘ll have something fun to show next time.


These past couple mornings, we’ve been waking up to temperatures in the 40s! Yes…four-zero. In May. And the daytime highs have only just broke 60. As long as it doesn’t rain between now and the weekend, the ground might be warm enough for the tomato and pepper seedlings, but we’ll just have to wait and see. (According to the current weather report, it’s possible that we’ll have another cold wash-out this coming Saturday…so that’s just great. 😦 ) It’s certainly not warm enough yet for in-ground seeds, such as squash and cucumbers and beans. However, it does look like some of our early pea plants might just make it…if they can survive the two silly rabbits we keep seeing around the yard. (And where there are two rabbits, there are bound to be little ones eventually.) Ah, such are the trials and tribulations of gardening.

By the way, it’s not like we’re just sitting around twiddling our thumbs as we wait for the weather to warm up. We just started renovating one of our bathrooms, and it’s been more than enough to keep us busy inside. In fact, the process turned up some troubling insulation problems that need to be rectified. Do you know what mangled and decaying 50-year-old insulation looks like? Friends, it is gross and dusty. And gross. And really, really dusty.  After dealing with it, working outside in the cold rain sounds like paradise.

We’ll sign off with a look at our seedlings. How we hope that they hold out long enough to see the outdoors!

The pepper seedlings are looking quite robust. No really…they do compared to the poor things from last year!
Things are looking very sparse now in the flowers/pepper tray. We’re hoping to get these seedlings out in a couple beds once the weather is better.
These tomato seedlings look okay, except for the spindliness and droopiness. But neither is too troubling yet. We know if we plant these seedlings deep enough, they should take off quite nicely.
The second tray of tomato seedlings looks much better. They’re ready for transplanting…but we have to wait on the weather for now.



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