Going with the Flow (Literally!)

We were really lucky this winter. Like seriously…lucky. Ye ol’ Farmer’s Almanac predicted that we’d have a winter that was “ice cold and full of snow,” or some such. Well, the snow didn’t materialize. And thankfully so. In fact, of the two major winter storms that we endured, the snow totals ended up being far less than predicted totals. And while we did experience a few pockets of very cold temperatures over the winter months, we found ourselves reaching for sweaters and blankets far less often than we expected. So maybe the Farmer’s Almanac doesn’t know everything?

Or…that’s what we thought until we looked at the weather predictions for our area for April and May. In two words: rainy and warm. While we like the second word, that first one is both good and bad.

Just a few days ago, we were drenched by a large storm system over our region for the better part of a day. It effectively turned our backyard into a pool. Or, we should say, a series of pools. There are three or four sections of the yard where water simply collects. At the height of the storm, we could have easily gone wading out in the yard.

Puddle, puddles everywhere!

Also, we just have to ask…why does it only seem to always rain on the weekends? Surely Mother Nature knows by now that the only time some of us can get out and do stuff!

Anyway, it’ll be really interesting to see if the almanac’s idea for our Spring pan out. Right now, it’s warmer here than it should be. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though will it last? Last year we experienced a terrible cold snap right during transplanting time at the end of April, which was just no good. If things are warmer this year, that’ll be good. But if it gets too warm too fast…? Plus, what it rains too much? (Can it rain too much in the springtime?) Are we asking too many questions? (Probably.) Spring is the one time of the year when we really just have to get go and go with the flow. Literally!





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