Quiet Times

Some weeks are busy, and some are not. This past week was very busy for the both of us in terms of work, but rather quiet in terms of gardening. And that’s okay, because we know there are going to be some busy weeks to come!

The seedlings are all chugging along pretty well. It looks like we might have lost another row of flower seeds — one of the strawflower rows — but it’s nothing severe. As we’ve said before, starting flowers indoors is really just an experiment this year. In the meantime, we’ve got more peppers coming up! A couple of the sweet varieties, too. So that is mildly exciting. And the tomatoes are being tomatoes. Over the weekend, we did a little culling of the seedlings, picking out some of the runty ones in order to let the stronger ones strive. If things keep going well, at this rate, we might be able to do some preliminary transplanting of some of the seedlings into small pots in mid-April. For this, we invested in some garden cloches.

Ideally, these plastic, vented bells are supposed to be used outside, and we’ll probably use them outside. But we figured that we also try them inside when doing a mid-run transplanting. We can fit five small pots under each of the cloches we purchased, with the idea being that it’ll help keep them warm. Some indoor setup is going to be required, especially in terms of setting up the lighting, but all in good time. It bears mentioned that we won’t be doing this with all or even the majority of the seedlings. Most of the them will remain as is, but we’d like to see if using the cloches will provide any sort of advantage to a handful of the plants.

Other than that, we did have a nice, warm Saturday, and it prompted us to get outside for a while. Our intention was to clean up the yard, but we mostly ended up cleaning the garage — a worthy task in its own right! We unearthed all our gardening supplies, tomato cages, hand tools, etc., so at least we won’t have to go trampling over this, that, and the other trying to get to stuff when the time comes. When that will be, we’re not sure yet. There’s lots to do outside, but looking ahead, it seems we’re going to be in for seasonable but unsettled weather over the next couple weeks. Guess we’ll just have to go with the flow, right? 🙂


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