A Frost Warning…in October?!

That’s what we said when the alert popped up on our phones a day ago. We probably should have been a bit more surprised, but then again, this year has been full of weather-related surprises, so really, this was just one more.

Not that it matters too much. The bulk of the garden is done for the year. We’ve still got some beans and zucchini to pick, and there are some okra pods to seed, and there are all those green tomatoes, but we think we’re ready to start winter prep over the coming weekends. Still, the frost advisory prompted us to take our potted plants — three pepper plants, one blueberry plant, and one blackberry plant — indoors for safekeeping. Granted, the blueberry and blackberry plants are made to be outside, but as they’re still young and in pots, we didn’t want to take any chances. And did we mention that we also took in two tomato plants that never got replanted? They’ve been indoors for a few weeks now, and they seem to be doing alright, though they do look a tad pale.

The peppers, blueberry, and blackberry enjoying all the sun, real and artificial, that they can.
We really need to transplant these tomatoes into a larger pot(s). It’s on the to-do list.


So it seems our hopes for a warm October probably won’t happen. Not that it’s steadily freezing quite yet, but the nights have been getting much colder than we expected. Plus, it’s been pretty rainy of late, thankfully. We’re no longer doing regular watering, but it seems no one told the squash. It’s still flowering every morning like clockwork! And actually, the beans haven’t seemed to mind the cold either. That said, the ground has remained cool and damp for a couple weeks, so it’s unlikely we’ll get any new growth spurts from anything, especially if the cold nights persist.

Thought it’s been a strange gardening season, it’s been a relatively decent one, and one which has promoted plenty of lessons learned. We usually wait until the new year to discuss those, but maybe we’ll review them next week. After all, there’s not much to do outside except rake. And nobody wants to do that. 🙂


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