Taking Stock

As it has been in the past, October is the month of winding down. Though, it seems a number of things in the garden have gotten their second wind. And by that, we mean the squash. Goodness gracious, THE SQUASH!

Okay, so it’s just a flower, but still.

Last week, we had no less than three new zucchinis in the garden just hanging out and growing up. This past weekend we discovered several more little zucchini in the undergrowth. And every morning for the past week (despite the super dreary bout of weather we experienced with nearly a week of clouds and rain), yellow squash blossoms have peppered the remnants of the squash bed. It’s quite amazing, really.

Unfortunately, the bulk of the tomatoes that are left on their plants remain as green as ever. The cooler temps didn’t go a long way in helping them ripen. It’s possible that might change over the next week.

Well, maybe. Last year around this time we wrote about getting “hit” by the outer-outer-outer outskirts of Hurricane Joaquin. Well, this year, there’s a new guy in town — Hurricane Matthew. While it looking like the East Coast is going to get some weather as a result this coming weekend, no one’s yet sure of what that’s going to be. Right now, the weatherfolks are just calling for rain…but who knows? They said the same late year about Joaquin, and we ended up being battered by some pretty strong winds along with rain. We’re going to get outside do some triage this week — picking whatever is left of whatever is outside — beans mostly, along with okra, peppers, zucchini (of course), basil, and whatever other strays we left behind. Despite whatever comes from the sky, it’s still that time of year where we have to take stock of what’s left.

This time of year is also one where we usually try to start tackling a few house projects. We still have some painting left to do in the kitchen, so we might get to that. As well, we need to replace some old shelving, replace the backsplash, and put in a butcher block countertop. It’s all on the to-do list. Truth be told, we’ve both been more motivated by smaller individual projects of late — artwork, crafts, baking experiments (especially with SO MUCH ZUCCHINI), knitting and such. The house projects aren’t going anywhere, and neither are we. And sometime it’s nice to take some time to do a few things that simply fuel one’s soul. (Not to say that painting cabinets doesn’t, but..well, okay it doesn’t.)

Plus. the cat loves it when the yarn comes out. :)
Plus. the cat loves it when the yarn comes out. 🙂

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