Attack of the Mini-Flu! (And a story about the cat, because why not?)

We’re pretty sure that it’s worse being sick during the summertime than during winter. Maybe. When you in the middle of fighting off an illness of one sort or another, maybe the season doesn’t matter? That’s a very roundabout way of saying that there’s no post this week due to a flu bug that spread through the house this past weekend. Being sick = no gardening = no writing = no blogging. Right now, we have to recover in order to be generally functional for some upcoming Labor Day weekend activities. Until then, it’s nothing but rest, fluids, and LOTS of vitamin C.

However…since we’re up and typing, maybe we could share one minor happening from the weekend, though it didn’t involve the garden, but rather, it has to do with this little goober:


That’s our cat; he’s been on the blog before, mostly when he’s being super curious about the mess we make when we start seeds. Anyhoo, as testament to the fact that’s it’s possible to be too sick to know what’s going on, our cat, our indoor cat, somehow ended up spending most of Sunday outside on the porch!

Now, until recently, our cat didn’t give a hoot about being outside. He’s always been an indoor cat, preferring to take in the sunshine and outdoors from the safety of a window. In recent months, however, he’s taken to wanting to sit on on in the porch (locked and screened-in) for short periods of time. And we’ve conceded, always sitting out there with him for a few minutes, until he gets bored and wants back in. Well, shame on us for staring such a bad habit, because on really sunny days, as it was Sunday morning, he’ll sometime sit by the door waiting to go outside. And, if we happen to have the door open, like when we’re bringing in groceries or some such, and we’re not watching, he’ll stroll out onto the porch. We think that’s what happened, and then, we just closed the door without checking.

On the weekends, it’s not unusual for the cat to hide all day, only coming out for food during dinner, so we didn’t think much about not seeing him for the better part of Sunday. But as he knows when it’s dinner time and is never late for that, we got a little worried when he didn’t show. After searching throughout the house and not finding any sign of him, we were baffled. Only by chance did we think the check outside…and indeed, there he was, lounging in a sunny spot. But boy oh boy, did he let us have it when he saw us. He’s not a very talkative cat, so when he does speak, it’s usually because he has something to say. The annoyed meows he gave us could likely have been translated to “thanks for forgetting about me, jerks!”

Unsettled though he was, he’s fine now. But he’s been avoiding the door to the porch ever since. Good idea, kitty.

And that’s our story. Now, back to bed! 🙂


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