Harvests and Harvesting

As August is now in full swing, it’s nigh about time that we start making some significant harvests, yes? Yes! We’ve been gathering things here and there for awhile now, but this past weekend, we got outside with our baskets, ready to pick, cut, and pull. With the way this season has gone, the haul we ended up with was what we expected, but it was nothing compared to previous years. (Like last year when we were swimming in tomatoes!) Still, it’s more than enough to keep our plates full for awhile. 🙂 So, here’s a small gallery presentation of everything that recent came out of the yard.

First up, we have arugula and mixed greens, though the picture below shows only arugula. Though we don’t have many plots of greens left, the ones that have survived have been very prolific. This particular arugula, Wild Rocket, has survived well beyond the normal arugula that came up early and quickly went to seed. It has the most amazing flavor! Well, amazing if you like strong, peppery greens, which we do. It’s really fantastic when combined with some of our more mild, bitter greens.


Then, how’s about some basil? We’ve been picking this for a couple weeks now. On the right is the smaller Greek Dwarf basil — it’s super aromatic and licorice-y. On the left is the traditional Genovese basil — just so delicious. We dried both batches (along with some we had previously picked), and the kitchen smelled wonderful during the process!


Then, we have beans…lots of beans! Here we have some regular green beans (bottom), then two varieties of purple beans (the larger Teepee variety in the left and the smaller Velour variety in the middle), and then some plump Rattlesnake pole beans. All of these we’ve tried steamed and roasted, and they are all delicious!


We haven’t got as many shelling bush beans as we had hoped. On the left below are Zuni Golds, and on the right is a small pile of Pinto beans and an even smaller pile of Jacob’s Cattle beans.


Then, holy moly, how about the zucchini! As we’ve said before, all these zucchini are volunteers. We’re happy to have them but, unfortunately, none of the varieties we actually planted (like the Pattypan, Long Pie Pumpkin, and Lakota squashes that we were really hoping for) have produced. We’ll have to consider this when planting next year.


Here we have a small assortment of some of the other things we gotten: cucumbers, cayenne and hot peppers, bush beans (prior to shelling), ground cherries, and peppers. Those peppers, by the way, came from our over-wintered plants. Good thing too considering none of our pepper seedlings survived.


And finally, a further assortment of goodies. Here you’ll see that we got our first handful of Garden Huckleberries. We’ll see if we get enough to make a single jar of jam! Then we picked our first few tomatoes. That’s a bit sad as, while many of the plants are doing well, very few have any tomatoes on them. There still hope that well get some next month, and maybe even into October. We’ll just have to wait and see.


So that’s going to do it for the harvests. Not to shabby, all things considered! Next week, well be back with some demonstrations of what we’re doing with some of these wonderful veggies.


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