Further Notes from the Kitchen

Ah, it’s good to be back! As we’re just getting back into the swing of writing, we’ve got a shorter post this week. Things continue to heat up outdoors, literally and figuratively. Can’t remember that last time we had such a continual heat wave in these parts, where temps remain in the 90s for days on end! That’s yucky for us, but the warm sun is good for the plants. Water is really the key chore now. But with extra warm weather comes the extra chance for extra storms. With that, we’ve gotten some extra rain recently, so that’s good.

Meanwhile, this is have been heating up indoors as we near the end of painting our kitchen cabinets.

Almost like new!

It’s kind of amazing just how different the kitchen looks now from when we first moved it. And it’s not that we’ve done any major remodeling — a few new coats of paint goes a long way. From blue to orange walls and dark brown to white cabinets! Work on the cabinets is almost done. We still have another set across from the the sink/stove area to paint. And then, after that, we have to tackle the counters and the backsplash. And the latter project is really going to spruce things up. Because what’s there now, as you can see in the picture above, is essentially a supremely ugly plastic sheet that’s stamped to look like tile. We’re sure it was a decent money-saver at one point, but it’s pretty horrible looking now and is difficult to keep clean. (Really, things just seem to adhere to it like glue.) The goal is to try to get the kitchen done sometime before the fall really sets in, because we also want to get some work done in one of our bathrooms before the year is out. But it’s all a slow work in progress, so we’ll see how things go.

More than anything right now, we’re hoping that the heat will die down some. But seeing as how we’re now in the thick of summer, we’ll probably just have to wait it out. Some days, working outside is more preferable than inside (no central a/c, though we do have a/c units). It’ll be most interesting to see what comes of the fall. Will the heat continue right up to the start of winter? (It sure feels like it will at this moment!) Or will we get some relief in the near future? We’re not even sure that Mother Nature knows at this point.



3 thoughts on “Further Notes from the Kitchen

  1. Ferna Majewicz 08/04/2016 / 8:28 am

    You gave C & N some beans to plant and they are finally growing. Some are red – does that mean they’re ready to be picked? Once you pick them what do you do with them? Plus, what kind of beans did you give them? Our lettuce is finally to the point where we can have fresh salad every day – yummy. Tomatoes are not doing so well – need to pick them before they are ready or else they seems to be melting – don’t know how else to explain it – unless it some critter eating them. Enjoy your produce.

    • Garden State-ments 08/08/2016 / 9:59 am

      Sorry I missed this comment! So yes, when the pods are dark red, they are ready to pick. At that point, you can shell the beans and either cook them fresh (and then use them in something like a bean salad), or dry and save them for the winter (then re-hydrate them for soups, stews, etc.)

      These particular beans are Red Ripper cowpeas — they are a kind of black-eyed pea, and they taste like the kind you’d find canned. Very meaty and earthy.

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