Starting to Flower, and Then Some!

Following up on last week‘s post, not all flowers in the garden mean that the end is near, obviously. Mostly they mean that things are finally beginning! We figured that our garden is about a month behind where we had been in previous years. Based on what’s just now flowering here at the start of July, it seems our estimation was about right. No matter the timing, it’s great to see the range of yellow, white, and occasional purple bloom brightening up the yard.

Cucumbers here, lookin’ good!
A number of the melons are also showing signs of life.
And we can’t get enough of the squash flowers. They are just so brilliant, especially in the early morning!
And we have the promise of beans…
…and more beans! (These are string beans. The white ones in the previous image are from a bush bean plant.)
And things wouldn’t be complete without a few tomato flowers.

While many more things are flowering than are growing, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few surprises lurking. In fact, in an among the squash, we found two beautiful zucchini!



The one in the top picture is close to being ready to harvest, while the one in the bottom picture probably has another week or so to go. These are both from two separate volunteer zucchini plants that popped up early on. Because of that, we didn’t plant any of this particular traditional variety this year. Good thing too, because it looks like both plants may be quite prolific!

In other news, though we didn’t have any luck with keeping alive any of our pepper seedlings, we have been able to keep a couple of pepper plants alive in pots. And it looks like we’re going to have at least a few peppers, after all!

Our Relleno pepper plant is a couple years old, and it’s still going strong!


And last year we transplanted a Cayenne pepper plants into a container, and look…!


Wow, okay…that’s a blurry picture, but there are Cayenne peppers in it! This whole plant is filled with little purple flowers, so hopefully there will be more peppers to come.

So that”ll do it for now — all is good in the garden. We’ll sign off tonight with a picture of an odd bug that was hanging out on a squash leaf that we hope to identify. If you happen to know what it is, let us know. It’s the first of its kind that we’ve ever seen!



3 thoughts on “Starting to Flower, and Then Some!

  1. fmajewicz 07/11/2016 / 8:02 pm

    Looks like a potato bug to me. I’ll be interested in seeing how your sting beans come out. We planted some purple beans. They were purple and turned green when you cooked them. Boy were they tough and you had to pull the sting for you definitely couldn’t eat it. Though we may have waited too long to pick them. Oh well…..

    • Garden State-ments 07/12/2016 / 8:01 am

      We’ll see what happens with the string beans this year. Unfortunately, the rabbits got at a number of the plants, so if we get any beans, it’ll be a miracle. It does help to pick them early — the ones we got last year were pretty tender.

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