When Life Gives You Rabbits, You Make…A New Kitchen?

Well…more like you make an old kitchen feel new. Or something like that.

Alright, so much for the strange title and strange opening. Let’s get right to it.

Rabbits. We’ve got ’em. Two of the to be precise. Or, at least two of them. Frankly, who knows really. When we first started gardening at this no-longer-new house, the rabbits, and squirrels, were a big problem. We devised solutions, from making “squirrel tea” to, last year, fashioning our fancy-schmancy net cages. Well, as we mentioned last week, the two particular rabbits camping out in our yard figured out this year that no mere plastic mesh was going to keep them away from our succulent seedlings. So, with three of our raised beds, they started chewing through the net cages. We have since “patched” a number of holes. And still, they chew through. We have tried Liquid Fence and making actual barriers. And still, they chew through. We have tried cat hair decoys, B-B guns (plastic pellets, though some days…), cinnamon, garlic, and all manner of smelly stuff that’s supposed to keep critters at bay.

And still, they chew through.

So. FINE. Fine, you sneaky $%#@! rabbits, you. YOU WIN. So this year, we won’t be getting any peas or kale, as well as some beans and different lettuces, and probably not cabbage either. These are the seedlings they’ve decimated and continue to attack. Seems rabbits don’t like arugula, so maybe that’s ALL we’ll pant next year. HA!

(Actually, we do have a plan for next year that involves making 4-foot-high raised beds. Not only will they keep out the rabbits, but they’ll be so much easier for us to access. SCORE!)

Ah, it is frustrating. This year has been a frustrating one for the garden, generally. But it’s not all bad. We still have squash and melons, a few tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, as well as some other goodies. Fact is, the garden remains a hobby rather than a livelihood. Its challenges are only challenges, and not world-ending scenarios.

With that rant over, let’s talk about the kitchen! Because last week we also mentioned that we had some new appliances on the way. This reopened one of our long-term tasks: remodeling the kitchen. Last year we got as far as painting the walls a vibrant shade of orange (from a dull, uninspired blue). We thought to do more, but then winter hit and we decided to hibernate.


When we opted for orange in the kitchen, we had also planned out the color scheme further to include white cabinets and stainless appliances. With the new appliances coming in, we had to move the old ones out. And we took advantage of the extra space by starting work on the cabinets.

Our kitchen is fairly small and L-shaped, so there’s not a lot of workspace in it. We briefly considered putting in all-new cabinets, but the hassle and expense put that idea to rest. Besides, the existing cabinets were perfectly usable, so sanding and painting it was! And that’s what it has been for a couple weeks now.

Looks like new!
Looks like new!

In the picture above, the fridge goes right under those cabinets, so you can see why we wanted to take advantage of the extra space while we had it, rather than getting in the new fridge and then having to move it again. The upper cabinets are done and we’re currently working on the matching cabinet doors. We’re also making our way down to the cabinets and drawers around the sink. After that. There’s one more set of upper and lower cabinets on a adjacent wall to deal with, but they’re out of the way of the new appliances. As we had hoped, the white cabinets not only make the kitchen feel new, but they brighten up the small space as well. These are all good things. 🙂

Once the cabinets are done, we’ll have to see what’s next. We’ve repainted all the white trim in the room, so that’s good. There’s still the backsplash, which is currently covered more-than-ugly stamped, plastic sheeting. And then there’s the counter tops — the pinky-beige Formica as got to go! Not sure that we’ll get to both those projects this year, but it’s possible. As you can tell, we’re not exactly in any hurry.

Besides, we’re sure the rabbits love the fact that we’re totally distracted indoors, thereby ensuring that they can safely wreak havoc outside. Hardy har har.




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