We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post to bring you another mystery plant

When we were prepping seedlings the second time round, we discovered what we thought was a sprouting cherry pit in the bag of leftover seed starter mix from last year. Being quite excited at the prospect of growing an actual cherry tree, we planted the seed in one of our small terra cotta pots. Lo and behold, eventually the sprout burst forth and began really growing…and growing…and growing! And growing into…well…this:

Mystery seedling #1

Not knowing exactly what a cherry tree sapling looked like, we scoured the Internet for pictures. What we discovered is that, sadly, we probably don’t have a cherry tree here.

Moving on, we searched further to try to figure out exactly what this plant could be. After going through seed sites, seedlings sites, tree sites, and leaf identification sites (all of which do actually exist online!), our search turned up nothing. All we know is what we don’t have — common trees like Oak, Maple, and Elm. This also doesn’t appear to be any sort of vegetable. The stem has a “woody” appearance, and the leaves are oblong, thin, and have smooth surfaces and edges. Maybe it’s the start of a shrub? We remain stumped.

But the story doesn’t end there. Because just the other day, while taking stock of our seedlings, we discovered not one but two similar plants growing among the seedlings!

Mystery seedling #2
Mystery seedling #3
Mystery seedling #3

Okay, we know for sure that we did not plant any oddball seeds in these trays, so what in the world could they be??? The only thing we have to go on is that maybe there was something else in the seed starting mix or the coconut coir, because this is more than a simple coincidence.

We need to do some more investigating, but if these seedlings look familiar to anyone reading, we’d appreciate the assistance. We’d like to keep them growing and even transplant them, unless they’re bad, poisonous, invasive, or generally something we shouldn’t keep around. We’ve so far refrained from touching them…y’know…just in case.



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