On the Up and Up, and Weather Ups and Downs

So after a rather disastrous start to seed starting this year, it looks like we’re getting back on track, and happily so! Things are by no means perfect, but they are better, as the new round of seeds that we planted last week are doing mostly well.


For example, above is the tray of newly-seeded tomatoes that were all but dead a week ago. Yes, the seedlings are spindly, and yes we still have light and temperature issues to contend with, but at least almost all of them came in and are growing.  In the pots next door, there are a variety of things growing. While we had to dispose of a couple guys that didn’t survive transplanting, everything left is stable enough.



Though the trays in the two images above may not look like much at first glance, they are leaps and bounds better than the nearly empty trays of dead seedlings that were there. These trays contains mostly lettuces, mixed greens, and a few other oddballs. Whether or not everything comes up remains to be seen, but we did transplant a few of the larger seedlings into our little pots and replaced those cells with new seed starter and seeds, so we’ll see how things go.

The only thing not pictured here is the tray of pepper seeds, and that’s mostly because there’s nothing there to show. We transplanted a few more of the seedlings that had come up, but pepper seeds take much longer to germinate than most. Rather than add in new seeds now — it’s late enough into the season as is — we’re hopeful that a few more seeds that we planted last week will come along before the end of the month.

We had such good pepper crops these past couple years, it’s a shame to think of not having one this year, but part of gardening is learning to roll with the punches and being thankful for what does make it. This is been a very strange Winter/Spring transition with temperature peaks and valleys that mimic sine graphs. One day the house is super warm and the next it is super cold. Hard to keep the little seedlings completely happy when we don’t even know if we’ll need blankets or fans! And now they’re calling for snow showers over the weekend. Sheesh! Maybe we’ll get back out in the yard…someday…


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