Holy Rapid Growth, Batman!

Nine days ago we planted all of our indoor-starting seeds, mostly tomatoes, greens, and peppers, along with a few outliers. We’re not entirely sure what we did right, but boy oh boy, do we have seedlings, and lots of ’em! We expected that the greens would come in fairly quickly, because they always do. What we didn’t expect was that the tomatoes, and even a few peppers (they always take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to start) would really take off.

(Sincerest apologies for the horribly blurry images — we’ll explain after the gallery.)

In tray one, what you mostly see are cabbage, endive, arugula, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and spinach. The ground cherries, huckleberries, and tomatillos have yet to show in earnest.
Here in tray two are the assorted greens — lettuces and mesclun — plus a couple rows of tomatoes on the far right.
In tray three, a few peppers have already popped up. This is seriously exciting! In the past, our peppers have taken a good three to four weeks before showing.
And in tray four are more tomatoes than two people could ever need. Thumb not included. Sorry about that.

So why the terrible pictures? Well, for one, the picture-taker is not a very good picture-taker, so there’s that. But also because the trays are a little hard to access at the moment. This year we decided to incubate the seeds by using mylar “blankets” to cover the front and back of the shelving unit on which the trays sit. Why? Well, our house naturally stays rather cool, and the seeds are right by a large sliding glass door which tends to stay extra cool when it’s cold out. So we wanted to make sure that the seeds stayed as warm as possible. We have the trays on heat mats, but those only go so far. With the mylar plus the plant lamps plus the heat mats, we’ve managed to raise the temperature around the seeds by a couple degrees. So while it’s not particularly balmy in there, it’s apparently enough to give the seeds an extra boost, as the results after less than two weeks are kind of ridiculous! Ridiculously happy, but who’d thunk it, right?

In any event, trying to get under the mylar blankets to remove the clear tops of the trays to get pictures was no easy task, so the images kind of stink. As the seedlings develop, and especially when the clear tops to the trays are no longer needed, then we should be able to obtain shots of the plants. For now, however, we’re aiming to keep them warm and mostly undisturbed.

Hmmm….warm and undisturbed. That sounds like the life!


5 thoughts on “Holy Rapid Growth, Batman!

  1. fmajewicz 03/11/2016 / 6:21 pm

    If this weather continues you might be able to start planting early. Good luck.

    • Garden State-ments 03/14/2016 / 2:46 pm

      True! In fact, we’re readying the garden a bit early, just in case.

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