The Garden Race Starts Slow and Steady with Indoor Seed Starting

No matter the strange weather that may be happening outside, this past weekend, we got ourselves up and running and ready to plant! Seeds, that it. It’s never quite as exciting as it sounds in practice, but knowing what’s coming — now there’s the excitement!

We covered our seed planting process a couple years back. And last year we upgraded to using a sturdy, industrial set of shelves for our seed trays, outfitted with long plant lights. So we’re not going to rehash things here. In sum, we gathered together all our supplies — seed trays, coconut coir, the seeds themselves, and water. After hydrating the coir, filling the trays, and setting out the seeds in the order in which they would be planted, it was time to plant!

As usual, and as per our planting calendar of those items that can be started early and indoors, we planted mostly peppers, tomatoes, greens, and lettuces. We also started a few of our oddballs, like ground cherries, huckleberries, tomatillos, brussel sprouts, and broccoli. (We know we’ve had no luck with broccoli in the past couple years, but we’ve got to keep trying!) The big change in our seeds from last year to this year is the number of different seeds we planted. Because we’re crazy, the number has gone up. As we have four seed trays each containing 12 rows each containing 6 cups…um…well, forget the math. Here’s what’s in the trays!





In total, that’s 72 different plants, provided they all germinate. And we’re pretty sure that most of them will. We know that the greens will make the first showing and peppers the last. We’re not sure what will come of either brussel sprouts or huckleberries, but the big question marks are those Planet Hybrid peppers, the parthenocarpic ones that don’t need pollination. Many fingers crossed there.

04seed set up

So are seed trays are stacked, watered, heated, and ready to go! Perhaps next week we’ll have some “baby” pictures to share! 😀


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