Same Garden, Different Plans

As we’re still waiting for our seed orders to arrive, let’s talk plans. Not that we have anything in writing yet (sorry, the winter laziness is a little hard to beat this year, but we’ll get over it soon), but we’ve still got plans in mind. So that’s something, right? Since 2013, we’ve slowly built up the garden, adding new beds and planters and tons of new soil. This year we’ve decided to “take it easy,” like The Eagles say. This will be the first year in which we don’t add to the backyard itself. Now new beds are being installed, which, frankly, is a relief, because the past couple Springs have been backbreaking enough! If anything, the wood framing one 4′ x 4′ raised bed is on its last legs, so we’ll likely be replacing it with a stone border, using the same large stones that we’ve been purchasing.

Palomino concrete wall block. Price memorized, unless on sale.

By now, the Home Depot probably sees us coming from a mile away for them. (They should really give us a discount for being sooooo generous with our money, haha.)

But aside from that one bed, the floorplan of the garden won’t be changing this year. What will be changing, as it does every year, is what we’ll be planting where. Last year around this time, we went over a bunch of lessons learned from the previous year; they still stand, so we won’t rehash them here. But we do have a few thing this year that we’re going to keep in mind as we moving more into planning over the next couple weeks.

  1. Forget about corn and sunflowers.

Chalk that up to the dang squirrels. L Last year, no sooner had we gotten those seeds in the ground than the squirrel made short work of them. And that was despite netting the area and vigorously spraying with repellant! This isn’t to say that we’ve completely given up on these crops, but we’re not going to waste the effort with them this year. If we feel so inclined, we may try growing corn in one of the barrels that we’ve been using for tomatoes and peppers, but that’s still just an idea for now.

  1. Bring on the beans!

We had such wonderful success with string, pole, and bush beans last year that we’re doubling our efforts this year. We’ve ordered several more varieties, and hope for the same if not better results! (Good thing the squirrels don’t seem much interested in bean seeds.)

  1. Pay attention to the shade.

In the past, we’ve not made very good use of a couple particularly shady spots. We’ve planted things – cucumbers, beans, tried melons and flowers – that have done moderately well, but that’s knowing that most of those crops like sun. Last year we planted an experimental cabbage in a warm spot that bolted to seed. This year, we’re going to take the shade a little more seriously and stick a few cool-weather plants in those areas.

Now, if we can just get this winter over with, we’ll be in much better shape to get to planning! (They said as it started snowing…again. Sigh.)


2 thoughts on “Same Garden, Different Plans

  1. fmajewicz 02/10/2016 / 8:45 am

    Yes, I seem to have brought the snow with me!

    • Garden State-ments 02/11/2016 / 1:28 pm

      Haha! Well, a little snow is alright. It’s the BIG storms that are the problem. 🙂

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