Going on hiatus

When we started this blog, we didn’t intend to bill it as a seasonal one — it just happened to turn out that way. So here we are at the end of October once again saying a temporary farewell. It’s not that we’re short of gardening chores, but there’s little left to discuss at this point. Instead, it’s time to focus more on wintering and less on ye olde Internet. This blog will be going on hiatus until February, though it’s possible that we may share some occasional winter notes and photos if we feel so inclined.

Looking back on this year, overall, it was a good one for us. But it was also one that balanced itself out in terms of good and…well…not so good. We added a new bed that allowed us to expand the garden generally, but then an existing bed was taken over by tomatoes. We liked the idea of the “tomato jungle” at first and got a ton of fruit from it, but it eventually became too overwhelming in terms of general care. We tried several new tomato and pepper varieties, and they all succeeded in their own ways, and we’re still harvesting peppers today! We gave okra a go this year, but it didn’t work out as well as we had hoped.  (We’re going to try okra again next year, just in a different spot. And there’s already inklings that brussel sprouts might be our new experiment next year.) And we determined that until we somehow deter squirrels from our corner of the Earth (ha!), we’re just not going to have any luck with sunflowers and corn.

Over this winter, perhaps when we’re snowed in (the new Farmer’s Almanac places our region somewhere between the “cold and snowy” and “cold and wet” winter for 2015-2016), we’ll work on garden planning for next summer. One thought is to start the makings of a “beer garden.” Not the place to drink  beer but a garden that involves growing the things that one needs to make beer, such as hops. We’ve got some trellis ideas in mind (not only for hops, but also tomatoes and pole beans), so we’ll see if any of those make it into reality.

Our sincerest thanks go out to everyone who following along, commented, and read this little blog this year. It’s been a great way for us to keep track of our own progress, and hopefully it entertains as well. We’ll say so long for now, and see you in 2016!

034harlequin marigold
The Harlequin Marigolds are simply spectacular at this time of year!

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