The Big Slow Down

All quiet...for now.
All quiet…for now.

One of the things that we all figure out about life is how to deal with the curve balls. And it’s funny just how curvy they can be, sometimes.

We were riding pretty high after almost finishing porch. Just one more topcoat needed to be applied, and we could officially call it D-U-N. But then, weather happened last week. Bad weather. Unpleasant weather. Curve ball-type weather that threw us for a loop!

You’ve probably seen or heard news of Hurricane Joaquin, a pretty big storm that’s now headed out into the Atlantic Ocean. Early last week, the newsfolks had projected a couple possible paths for Joaquin, one of which had it slamming directly into the Mid-Atlantic coast. It was a good many miles from our doorstep, but still close enough to cause problems. By the end of the week, Joaquin’s path had changed drastically, and for the better for us. However, in all the Joaquin news, the weatherpeople kind of glossed over the fact that our area was still going to get hit with winds and rains thanks to a completely different weather system. This turned the week and the weekend into a complete slog.

Though the really bad stuff didn’t come until just before the weekend, string clouds persisted, and it was no fun waking up to unseasonably cool, gray days. Even worse was once we got home, and all we wanted to do was curl up under blankets and forget about the outside.

The heavy rain and wind started Thursday night and lasted well into Saturday. We were worried about falling tree branches, but none am crashing down into the yard. And as it’s still early in the fall season, we didn’t have to deal with blowing leaves everywhere, either. They pretty much stayed put in the trees, along with their branches. Which was good, though several plants in the garden toppled over, and we did find a smattering of variously ripe and unripe tomatoes scattered about that had been blown off their plants. But no severe harm was done. Probably the biggest silver lining in the storm was that our porch pretty much repelled the constant puddles. With nicer and warmer weather coming our way this week, we plan to get that second topcoat applied before the weekend.

All this is to say that anything we had planned to do last week (and the to-do list is long, no doubt about that), was put off in favor of inside warmth and personal projects, like knitting and making little bedside shelves for bedroom. It’s a curve ball we weren’t expecting so soon in the fall, but it’s the way things went. Good thing we didn’t get used to the nesting, because there really is just so much that needs to be done. Once we finally got outside this past Sunday and realized how badly we had let the garden go, the desire to further nest disappeared. Taking it slow every now and again isn’t a bad thing, just as long as the to-do list doesn’t become the we-won’t list.

We end this week with a few marigold pictures, because they are nearly the only signs of life left in the backyard, and they are so pretty!

The Tiger Eye marigolds really took off in a couple spots.
The Tiger Eye marigolds really took off in a couple spots.
The color really brightens up the yard.
The color really brightens up the yard. Perfect for fall.
And the lone Harlequin mariogld plant that somehow took over a crack in the driveway is flowering beautifully.
And the lone Harlequin marigold plant that somehow took over a crack in the driveway is flowering beautifully.

4 thoughts on “The Big Slow Down

  1. fmajewicz 10/08/2015 / 9:42 am

    Glad you weren’t hit hard. Now get to work!!!!!!

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