A Slow Weekend but not a Lazy Weekend

Over the weekend, we mused about the fact that it was around this time last year that we had transplanted the first of our seedlings — two beds of greens. Considering that we woke to a frosty Sunday morning, we’re glad we didn’t follow this year’s calendar to a tee. Nope, it look like this year we’ll more than likely be transplanting the seedlings in stages at the end of April and the beginning of May, depending on how much we’re able to get done. This April we’re loosing a couple weekend days to events and other happenings, so we don’t have as much free time as we did last year. All the same, everything will  get into the garden one way or another!

And that’s not to say that we had a lazy weekend — far from it! We picked up another round of stones for the new bed. Probably one more trip to the hardware store, and we’ll have all the stones that we need.

Lookin' good...unfinished, but good!
Lookin’ good…unfinished, but good!

While the layout looks nice, the stones above aren’t in their final configuration. Rather, we’re just using them to weigh down the grass.  Once we remove then, we’ll have our digging outline set, then it’ll be a matter of removing the sod and re-laying the stones. Fingers crossed that we’ll have nice weather next Sunday as sod removal is on our calendar for then.

We also set about building another net cage.

Three down, one more to go!
Three down, one more to go!

The one we built this past weekend is slightly different from the others in that one of the sides is loose so that the net can be lifted up — in the picture above, it’s the one top right. It’s for the cucumber bed, and we left one of the side loose so that we could easily get into the bed to harvest. We anticipate training the cucumbers up the other three sides (hopefully it’ll comply…). Now all that’s left is making one for the final bed that’ll fit over the pea trellis. Like the net for the cucumber bed, this will also have an opening on one side for harvesting purposes.

So in and among other things that need attending to over the next couple weekends, we’ve got to finish the stone bed — sod removal and laying down new soil — make another net cage, till all the existing garden beds — raised, container, and otherwise — purchase more soil, and start transplanting. Whew! Can you say busy bees?



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