There’s no business like snow business

This past week we did little in the way of garden prep, as we spent most of it simply trying to stay warm! The cold temps of the previous seven days were pretty brutal, and they culminated with a wind chill of a whopping -18 degrees on Friday. And what followed that but a crazy snow storm that dumped a good 6-8 inches on our region. After a series of overestimated storms, this one the weather people definitely underestimated. But adding to the strangeness is today where we reached a practically tropical 43 degrees! Needless the say, what’s left of the snow is dissipating quickly.

Looks pretty, but it’s mostly slush.

However, that’s the good news. The bad is that we’re in for another round of below freezing days and nights ahead, which means we could wake up to an ice skating rink, which will make for awesome Monday morning commutes. (/sarcasm)

Even though gardening was not foremost in our minds, we have been getting ready for seed preparation slowly but surely. Last year we built a simple frame to hold the plant lights, under which we placed several small tables.

01planting tables and lights
Seed starting 1.0

We eventually replaced the small tables with a larger, taller one to get the seeds closer to the lights. It worked well enough, but the whole thing took up a ton of space, and we found a better use for the frame as as holder for our herb planters. This year, we’re opting for a vertical set up, and one that’ll hopefully be a little more friendly in our space.

Seed starting 2.0

Sorry the image is a little dark, but what we’ve got now is a set of industrial shelves. We suspended each plant light over a shelf with chain. All we need now are some trays for the seed starters, and the set up will be complete! We’re also using heat mats this year to see if we can’t help the seeds along even more (especially since we tend to keep the house on the cool side). According to our planting calendar, we can start the seeds next weekend, which is what were planning on doing, pending any more chilly challenges from Mother Nature.


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