Back to Blogging (And Soon…Gardening)!

As we look out over our quiet yard, it seems like only yesterday that we packed things up for the year!

All's quiet..
All’s quiet..
...on the...
…on the…
...Eastern front.
…Eastern front.

In fact, it’s hard to believe that four months have passed since we made our very final harvests of 2014.

But before we get too far along with the memories, we must say hello all! Though we didn’t intend to take a blogging hiatus, things just sorta happened that way. But honestly, there wasn’t much to tell. We cleared out all our beds, did tons of raking to fill everything with leaves, and then we battened down the winter hatches. So far we’ve been very lucky with minor snowfalls (nothing like last year’s debacle!), but the winter isn’t over yet.

Despite the cold doldrums, we perked right back last month when we got our compliment of mail-order seed catalogs. We managed to save a bunch of seeds from last year’s harvests, but we wanted to supplement things with some extra items and varieties. So we placed a couple orders, which recently arrived, and now we’re totally looking forward to Spring!

No doubt, we're ready!
No doubt, we’re ready!

In the next couple weeks, we’ll document some of the new things we’re going to try to grow, as well as go over some lessons learned from last year. Seed starting will start at the end of the month, which will surely be here before we know it. In the meantime, we’re looking forward to catching up on everything that’s been happening in the blogosphere. It’s been a long four months and we’re glad to be back. (And with a fresh, new look!) Hopefully, you’ll follow along with us as we attempt to make this year’s garden the best one yet. 🙂



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