It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

Hard to believe that we’re in the homestretch with another growing season! As we look back at everything we’ve accomplished since February, we’re pretty pleased with how everything has turned out. But as the title of the this post says, it ain’t over till it’s over, and things aren’t over in the garden yet! Why, we just picked these guys today:

Cherry tomatoes and ground cherries...all still good!
Cherry tomatoes and ground cherries…all still good!

Thanks to a very summery weekend and the promise of warmer temps this week, it looks like we’re going to be getting at least a few more cup-fulls of cherry tomatoes. We haven’t given up hope on the larger tomatoes, but the small ones seem to be about all that’s ripening now, especially the sweet and tasty Yellow Gooseberries. No complaints here — they are truly the Energizer Bunnies of our tomatoes this year!

Meanwhile, the ground cherries also keep dropping, and we’re still getting cowpeas (new pods appeared a couple weeks ago and are slowly growing and turning their lovely shade of purple.) But when we haven’t been outside looking for late harvests, we’ve been seed saving.

And there's a lot more in storage already.
And there’s a lot more in storage already.

We’ve been saving seeds almost since we started our first harvests in the late spring. If something has seeds, we collect them and go through the necessary steps, from wet saving to drying them out in the sun/in the dehydrator/on the counter. This year we also inadvertently figured out how to save marigold seeds. (That near-bursting plastic bag in the picture above contains marigold pods that are full of seeds!) It never occurred to us last year when we were pulling up the old plants that the seeds were just waiting to be extracted from the dead flowers. This year, we’ve been much more on the ball and have been saving all the dead buds. Carefully pop one open and voila! You’ve got seeds! Yay! It’ll be quite exciting to plant them next year to see if we get another incredible round of marigolds.

So things have been indeed slowing down in the gardening department. We’ve figure that, like last year, we’ll probably be making small harvests until mid-October. With our first frost date falling during the first week of November, that’ll give us a couple weeks to prepare the garden for winter. With that in mind, we’ll be back next week with what’ll probably be our final full update in pictures for the year. Goodness, how time flies, right? 🙂


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