It’s go time, for real! (Part 2)

Last weekend we really got into planting, and what an exciting venture it was! This weekend we took things a little bit easier, though we did manage to plant everything in our very largest of garden beds — sunflowers, corn, melons, zucchini, beans, pumpkin.

Never mind the garden “octupus.” That’s the irrigation system we’ve yet to set up. Also, on this end of the bed we plant
From back to front, we have sunflowers, corns, zucchini, and beans. (Or, we will soon!)
More of the same.
More of the same.
And over here we have melons.
And over here we have melons.

In addition to getting the long bed planted, we had to figure out what to do with our many, many, many tomato and peppers seedling that were still in their starter trays. Some of them had been used to replace early transplants that didn’t survive the process, but we had lots left over. So…necessity became the mother of invention (and re-purposing)! We procured several large plastic drums, cut them in half, filled them with soil, and…voila!

More raised planters!
More raised planters!

These tomatoes and peppers are in the far, back corner of the yard. It’s not ideal since they’ll only get morning sun, but it was the best we could do for the moment. They weathered some significant rain, and so far, so good!

To help us keep track of everything, we created a few planting maps. Our skills using MS Paint aside, here’s what our garden looks like on “paper.”

Garden planner 2014(1) Garden planner 2014(2) Garden planner 2014(3) Garden planner 2014(4) Garden planner 2014(5)

In addition, here’s what’s in the marigold beds in the front yard:

garden planner 2014(6)

We’ve got plenty to watch over the summer! With everything now in the ground, it’s onto several weeks of maintenance, weeding, varmint control, etc., as everything starts to take root. We leave you this week with a few more images of things happening in the yard. Happy Spring!

One of our sadder azalea bushes out front is being overtaken by Bittersweet Nightshade. The flowers look pretty now, but its berries (that come later) are poisonous. So it’ll be cut away soon.
A Eight-Spotted Forester moth caught in the netting. Don’t worry, we freed it. 🙂
Adding to our “visitors” list are two ducks that stop by our yard every now and again. We’ve named them Harold and Maude.
In a couple weeks, we hope to have some strawberries! (As long as the birds don’t get them first.)
The lilac bush was here when we moved in, and we love seeing to come to life each Spring!



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