Happy Easter!

We’re offering up a short post this weekend as, technically, it’s a holiday. Happy Easter! If you don’t celebrate Easter, then happy weekend!

Though family (and rest and relaxation) was our priority this weekend, we did spend some time getting things define outdoors. We’ll have a longer recap next week as well as pictures, but we planted prepped and planted two flower beds and replanted our basil. Sadly, none of the transplanted basil survived, but we had plenty of seeds leftover for the occasion. So our different types of basil ended up in three of our planters; we put thyme and dill in the others. Meanwhile, a variety of marigolds are stowed n the flower beds. They did so well last year that this year we decided to plant several different types, from the puffy “mum” flowers to the ones with distinct petals — all in shades of white, yellow, gold, and scarlet. It’ll be interesting to see which varieties flourish. (Of course, we hope they all will!) And among some of the marigolds we threw in some viola seeds. If they make it, the little sprigs of purple should looks nice among all the marigolds.

Spring (or winter) wishes to all our wonderful followers, and thanks for sticking around! We’re hoping for a productive growing season, but for now, we’re off to finish our holiday weekend. 🙂


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