We have seedlings — oh yes we do!

Despite a little premature bragging at the end of last week’s post, honestly, we really didn’t think we’d have reason to show any of the seed starters this week, but lo and behold…!

Amazing, right?!
Amazing, right?!

This is seed starter tray #1, and the little guys are going like gangbusters! Maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised since this starter set contains mostly greens (they tend to germinate quickly), but still, when they started popping up just a few days after planting the seeds, we were pretty astounded. And it’s pretty great to see some green, especially since yet another snow storm is headed for our area. (Boo hiss and other remarks of general grumpiness.)

One of the things that we think may have helped speed these guys along is that we placed them on a higher table under the grow lights.

Never mind the mess…

The trays were originally on a series of short tables (two of them are underneath the tall table in the picture), and after a couple days we determined that they were just too far away from the lights. So we replaced the table and placed some of the trays on risers. The greens tray is on the far left, not on a riser because some of the seedlings started turning yellow — too much light for them. As of this writing, a few other sprouts are just barely surfacing in two of the other trays, but there’s not much to see there yet.  Maybe next week… 🙂

So what the heck is in the trays?? We’re so glad you asked! Each of the four trays contains 12 rows, and after going through all the plants that could be started early, we mapped things out as follows. (The front of tray #1 in the first picture is on the right-hand side.)

Starter map 1

Starter map 2

Starter map 3

Starter map 4

In addition to the “official” trays, we also have a couple smaller compartmentalized containers (#5a and #5b) that we re-purposed as basil seed starters. They’re in a small aquarium (no fish, of course) that’s on the floor next to the table, and it has its own grow light and map.

Starter map 5a-b

With everything now started that can be started, it seems like a lot. And maybe it is. But we’re not looking a gift horse in the mouth here. It’s going to be awhile before we can even think of placing these guys in the ground, so we know we may end of losing a few plants before that happens. Also, we all know there’s no guarantee that all the plants will sprout. We’re most curious to see if any of the saved seeds (marked “2nd gen.”) do anything, which will be testament to our seed-saving abilities. Obviously, we hope that we can keep certain plants going for several generations, but that’s forward thinking for another day. For the moment, we’re doing our best to keep our seedlings healthy and happy!


3 thoughts on “We have seedlings — oh yes we do!

  1. fmajewicz 03/03/2014 / 10:10 am

    Scrolling through your list I’m thinking “holy crow! that’s a lot.” You’re on your way!

    • Garden State-ments 03/03/2014 / 8:02 pm

      We might have gone a little overboard , but we bet on the fact that some of the seeds probably wouldn’t germinate. Also, we know from last year that some seedlings might not survive transplanting. In the end, we wanted to take the chance on more rather than less producing.

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