Results from last year

Ages ago we promised to share the results of our 2013 garden, which we had been keeping track of in a handy-dandy spreadsheet.  Well…you know how they say better late than never? Well, we’re invoking that here. Not for any good reason other than we had not yet completed transferring over then entries. Until now!


(If we’re being 100% honest, and we are, our final totals are estimates. We were too busy enjoying all the delicious goodness to keep track of just how much delicious goodness we were enjoying.)

Peruse if you like, but here are a couple of our big takeaways from last year:

  • Our biggest yields came from tomatoes and cucumbers. Not too surprising since these are among the easier things to grow; and not that that’s a bad thing! In fact, we plan to grow plenty more this year.
  • Our overall yields were quite small compared to what we planted.
  • Though we had lots of carrots, they were really small and stumpy, none getting any longer than a couple inches. Our soil is too dense and ridden with clay to be a good medium for underground edibles. (Even when we supplement the soil, it’s just not enough.)
  • By far the biggest disappointment was our loss of corn to the squirrels. We will be stepping up our critter abatement techniques this year!
  • Also reflected in the small totals was the weather. The extremely soggy summer didn’t help matters, thought it did significantly cut down on the watering.

Despite what the spreadsheet says in numbers, we considered last year’s garden to be a very happy success, and we’re looking forward to getting this started this year. Speaking of which, according to our planting calendar, we can start some seeds this coming weekend. Join us next week when we show off seeds, and seed trays…and dirt…and…um, water? (Hard to make it sound exciting. But yay seeds!)


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