Tis the season for snow, snow, and, ugh…more snow.

(Alright, so this post is a couple days late, sorry! After the weekend storm, things quickly got busy again, and now we’re facing yet ANOTHER storm. SIGH. When it snows, it’s a blizzard, right?)

One of the less fun things about living in a place with seasons is dealing with snow in the winter. While the amounts of snow we’ve gotten during the winters has varied widely over the past few years, we can’t quite recall the last time we had a large December snowfall. With that in mind, we got our first taste of winter this past Sunday.

Looks pretty, but this dusting was just the beginning…

The snow started in the late morning and 3 to 6 inches was predicted. However, as the snow picked up in severity over the course of the early afternoon, it became clear  that we’d be in for much more than a few inches.

Let it snow? No thanks.
Let it snow? No thanks.

By late afternoon, the winter weather advisory had been extended to midnight, and the snow showed no signs of letting up. But during a moment of lesser snowfall, we decided to do some shoveling. With a long driveway that needed to be cleared and a trusty snow shovel, we reluctantly went to work.

Hard to believe that just a month ago, there were still a few plants in these beds!

We finished the last of the shoveling and salting with the slowly setting sun, and we were still in for another couple inches of the white stuff (though it melted on the driveway, thankfully) before it was all said and done late in the evening. Come Monday morning, the roads we’re quite clear, though everything else looked like the proverbial winter wonderland. And we thought it was all over.

By the end of the storm, the backyard was a blanket of white.

Needless to say, it WASN’T. Another winter weather warning was released late Monday; and sure enough, here we are, staring out the window at more snow falling from the sky. It’s very pretty, yes, but, forever the negative nellies (but not really…mostly), all we can see is more shoveling and, with plummeting temperatures, slow commutes for the rest of the week.

Hibernating till spring!
Hibernating till spring!

Despite what’s going on outside, inside, we’re trying to save one of our pepper plants!

Your eyes do not deceive you -- that's a relleno pepper plant!
Your eyes do not deceive you — that’s a relleno pepper plant!

This trio is the lone survivor of the plants that were on our porch. (And there really are three plants there, though the largest two have kind of pushed out the third.) We’re doing our best to keep light on these guys, but, as you can see from the picture, the plants look rather sallow. We’re not sure there’s much we can do to prevent them from limping along, but there’s no sense in not trying! If nothing else, the peppers that are on the plant may be seeded if they aren’t eaten first.

So besides the occasionally flashes of white, things are looking good in our neck of the woods, and we hope that things are going well in yours. Not sure of we’re going to get to another post before Christmas, so we’ll wish you all a very merry holiday now!

Merry Christmas from Garden State-ments!
Merry Christmas from Garden State-ments!

2 thoughts on “Tis the season for snow, snow, and, ugh…more snow.

  1. fmajewicz 12/10/2013 / 12:19 pm

    You know I like the snow. Here in central New York the snow is much drier which makes for less slush and the roadways. So far we have escaped much of the snow. You can still see the grass. A few miles north of here they are predicted to get a foot or two of lake effect so it will be interesting to see what we get. Your aunt is a Jehovah Witness so no Christmas tree. I have my mothers’ small tree in my room – lovely at night. Your tree is beautiful. Is it real. Merry Christmas.

    • Garden State-ments 12/16/2013 / 6:16 am

      Ours is an artificial tree. We’ve talked about getting a real tree, but we have enough trouble keeping the cat away from the fake one. Can’t imagine what he’d try to do with a real tree! Anyway, once it’s decorated it looks nice all the same.

      We had another snowfall this past weekend, but it turned to rain. Now we’ve just got bits of snow left here and there, and that’s okay! Glad for some warmer temps… However, there looks to be more snow coming up, so a white Christmas is a possibility.

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