So it’s November already? Huh.

We’re not entirely sure how it happened, but the last time we looked at the calender, we’re pretty sure that most of the leaves were still on the trees! Now, we’re looking out upon a yard that strewn with leaves and debris after a passing storm. It’s crazy, sad, and joyful all at once. It’s hard to believe just how nuts the past several weeks have been — blogging hasn’t been at the forefront of our activities — and it’s looking like it’ll be a couple more weeks still before we’re back with a real blog post. Since our last post, we enjoyed the last of our tomatoes, tore down all the decaying plants, and readied the beds for fall. We briefly considered creating a small fall garden, but we didn’t have the energy to make the commitment. Maybe as we progress something like that will become a possibility, but the unpredictability of the fall weather around here can be a bit of an issue. We are attempting to save one chili relleno plant that just won’t quit! It was on the porch and we placed it indoors by our plant lights. Unbelievably, it’s still producing peppers, so maybe we’ll have a few to show next time. As for that “next time”… well, as our schedule opens up a bit more towards the end of the year, hopefully we can re-commit to semi-regular posts here. We’ll see how thing go.

Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating! And happy thoughts to those who continue to garden!


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