Winding Down

In the exact opposite way that Mother Nature decided to delay the growing season earlier this year with a ton of rain, she’s gone and created some of the most gorgeous fall weather round here that we’ve seen in a long time! What’s really wonderful is that though it’s been cooler, a string of bright, sunny days (with slight periods of rain) have enabled the ripening to continue. Would you believe that we harvested most these guys just today?


Why, there’s a whole another couple meals in this basket alone! That big tomato in the top, left corner is currently our pride and joy. We thought its plant was a Black Krim, but it has nowhere near the dark purple coloring of the Krims. So we’re not sure what variety it is, but it’s certainly one of the heirlooms. All we know is that we have a round of mozzarella that will pair with it oh so nicely. Slice everything up, add a little seasoning, olive oil, and some of our fresh basil (that’s still kicking!), and we’ve got a tasty meal ahead!

So the fall distractions and yard prepping have kept us away from making the finale updates to our garden spreadsheet, which well post eventually. In the end, we know that the tomatoes triumphed over everything, and the Super Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes took first prize in terms of production. The cucumbers, carrots, and peas came in second, third, and fourth, respectively, followed by the beans and peppers. Though we didn’t get any bell peppers, the late-producing banana and relleno peppers have been the biggest surprises. The watermelons, sadly, didn’t get much bigger than baseballs — they’re still in the yard and will be harvested for seeds (if they produced any). In terms of the flowers, the marigolds convinced us that they simply belong in this environment, and we plan to plan them in both the front and back yards next year. More updates will follow once we compete the spreadsheet.

In the meantime, a batch of tomato sauce is calling, as is some tasty lasagna…or spaghetti…or pizza…


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