In case you think we’re dead…

…we can assure you that we are alive and well! We didn’t intend to skip last week’s post, but last Sunday was such a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l start to the fall season, that it pretty much made us forget about being inside! But missing that post was probably fortuitous because things here might get a little erratic next month. Though we’re not dead, we can’t say the same about the garden. We’re in the process of fall cleanup up in the yard — that includes everything from clearing out dead plants to raking leaves — which is just as intensive as getting the place ready for growing. Plus, we’re planning out a number of fall projects (which may or may not include getting a puppy), so free time will be a premium. That means we may not get more than a couple posts up next month, depending on how things go. (And goodness, do we have a lot of blog reading to catch up on — you all have been quite busy!)

Despite the fact that the growing season is nearing its end, we’re still getting lots of tomatoes! The cherry tomatoes, especially, just keep on ripening (thankfully),

“Delicious” is just the beginning!

We’ve also had a little luck with a couple of our pepper plants. That’s a relleno pepper in the bowl on the left in the picture above — our first! (It, along with many of these tomatoes, went into a delicious tortilla soup.) Earlier in the month, we also harvested two banana peppers. Believe it or not, we’ve still got a few pepper plants that are flowering and producing. We’re going to keep them alive as long as they feel like being alive.

One of the new things we’re doing with the tomatoes, since there are so many of them, is drying them and storing them in olive oil.

They’ll keep like this for a good month or so.

Our dehydrator has been quite busy over the past few days. These aren’t like sun-dried tomatoes — the tomatoes don’t rehydrate in the oil (they actually remain a little “crispy” despite being submerged) — and there aren’t any herbs in the mix. But they are still great to cook with, and are especially tasty with pasta and in lasagna.

Hopefully we’ll be back next week (or at least the week after) with more updates. Not that anyone really wants to look at dead plants, but that’s all part of the grand cycle of gardening, right? We’ve also got to update our garden spreadsheet, so maybe we’ll be ready to share the results of that as well. Hope you’re enjoying as much of a lovely start to fall (or spring) as we are!


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