Happy Labor Day

So it’s been a weekend, eh? We had every intention of getting a post up yesterday, but the saga of the leaky garage took over. And by the end of the day, neither of us had the strength to lift a finger to even turn on the computer. Adjacent to our house is a lovely garage that, we think, is original to the house, which was built in the 1950s. And it doesn’t look like any of the previous owners took much care to maintain it very well. But the thing is still structurally sound save for the very leaky roof. Dealing with this problem has been on our to-do list since we bought the place. As nice as it might be to actual put a car into it, the plan for the garage was always to turn it into a work space — a place for tools, building, woodworking, and other such activities. But that couldn’t happen until the roof got fixed. Being DIYers, this seemed like a good project to tackle on our own, and we finally decided it had been put off long enough.

After obtaining all the supplies and dealing with a sag in the roof, things began last Friday with some truss work. Saturday saw the completion of that work. And yesterday was “demo” day — the day the old shingles came off. Of course, Sunday turned out to be the absolute hottest and most humid day of the weekend. So between bouts of being on the roof tearing things off and being on the ground cleaning things up, we hit our exhaustion points pretty early on. Yet, we barreled through the pain, cleaned off the roof and (mostly) cleaned the yard, and we started replacing some of the rotted beams that once made up the ceiling. By the late evening, we couldn’t take one more nail. We’ve completed several moves during our lives — moving boxes, moving vans, the whole nine yards — but the pain we felt after yesterday evening was like none other, and the ibuprofen freely flowed.

Waking up this morning was a true experience as we both wondered if we needed spine replacements just to get out of bed. As we mulled the day’s work over our morning coffee, the weather looked worse and worse. Eventually the skies opened up and the rain fell…and fell…and fell. We took the downpour as a sign that today, Labor Day, would be a good day to pay homage to all the roofers who break their backs to make our houses leak-proof and pretty. So the work is on hold for now, to be picked up soon enough…probably sooner than we want it to. But if you have today off, we hope you’re enjoying some time not laboring.

Oh, and the garden…it’s still there. We’re pleased to report that the tomatoes, especially the cherries, are coming fast and furious. The watermelons are growing, slowly; we have a single sunflower that’s brightening up the yard; and there are even a couple honeydew melons that are trying to make something of life. And peppers! Yes, we’ve got a few of them finally making a showing as well. We’ll be sure to put up some pictures next week. For now, though, these fingers need a rest, cause that garage roof isn’t going put itself on….unfortunately.


4 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day

    • Garden State-ments 09/02/2013 / 11:21 pm

      It never ends, that’s for sure. But we wouldn’t have it any other way! 😀

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