The beginning of the end (of free food)

We don’t have much of a post this week as things have been (a) very busy, and (b) not much as changed in the garden. We’ve had a strange week weather-wise — the early part of the week felt like Spring, very cool and dry; the latter part of the week felt like true Summer, very hot and humid.

What we do have in terms of gardening news is that we made a couple new purchases:



Thanks to, we are now the proud owners of several dozen feet of bird netting and a great big bottle of “Deer Off,” a terrible-smelling (think rotten eggs) but highly recommended critter repellant. The plan this week is to cover up the most squirrel-abused plants, namely the watermelon and tomatoes, and spray the repellant around the perimeter of each bed. We tested out the repellant yesterday around the watermelons and, at a point in the afternoon, actually watched a squirrel take a glance at the bed and then pass right by! We don’t know if he was really repelled or just not interested, but WIN!! Thankfully, the smell of the repellant doesn’t linger in the yard. Getting the netting down and repellant sprayed is the number one thing on our to-do list this week. And we’ll be sure to update next week with pictures. But time is short, and we must now be off!

So if any squirrels are reading, you best get in your last sniffs and steals before we bring up the drawbridge on free dinners!


3 thoughts on “The beginning of the end (of free food)

  1. gardeningkiwi 08/12/2013 / 3:35 pm

    Hi There.
    Good luck with your efforts…. you really deserve the fruits of your labour!
    Cheers Sarah : o )

    • Garden State-ments 08/13/2013 / 8:49 pm

      Thank you! The repellant is working better than we expected. No squirrels in the need for 2 days!

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