Moving Right Along

It’s been a quiet, if extremely hot week here, with just a a few showers occurring here and there. While the heat has kept us from spending tons of time outside, we’re glad the backyard is mostly dry. It’s about that time when we finally see which things in the garden really took root (haha) and which ones just couldn’t make it.  Not many of the little peppers that we replanted last week are doing so well, but a few are, and that’s giving us hope. We managed to get a lot of weeding out of the way over the past few days, but there’s still soooooo much more to do. It seems like every time we get a patch cleared another two pop up elsewhere! But we’re doing the best we can to keep the areas right round each plants’ roots as clear as possible.

And…um…that’s about it. For now, anyway. Uh…want to hear about how much we hate mosquitoes? Didn’t  think so. Let’s get on with the pictures!

We lost one zucchini plant, but the other two seem to be doing alright. Though, they aren’t producing yet, and they seem to have picked up a leaf mold, probably from the extreme dampness.
The watermelon are flowering!
The onions are trying so very hard. There’s a small portion of a row at the front that are growing well, but the rest continue to struggle.
Meanwhile, the carrots could not be happier!
Same goes for the cucumber. They’ve completely taken over the bed, and the fence…next…the world!
The orphan tomato is growing like gangbusters!
As are our three cherry tomato plants in the side bed. We’re slowing training them up the fence.
The standalone tomatoes are also doing very well!
Mixed tomatoes, peppers, beans, and (sacrificial) lettuce. This is where weeding is the worst. The grasses just want to take over everything!
Because we ran out of space, some of our peppers went into these bins. They’re still alive but none have gotten much bigger than when they were planted. The basil (back and foreground), meanwhile, continues to flourish and it is so delicious.
Out front, the marigolds are so sunny! Next year we’ll probably do only marigolds in these beds since they are doing so well.
The marigolds are even doing well in the lesser of the two beds.
And lastly, the corn. It’s beautiful, though we now know that a small number of plants like this needs to be contained by some sort of fence. Otherwise, the stalks are prone to break when the winds pick up.
Even so, we’ve got two ears growing; and if that’s all we get this year, we’ll be happy! 🙂

With more hot weather ahead (and maybe some rain), we’re hoping the status quo will hold for at least the next couple weeks. We’re on the verge of starting another major house project, dealing with our leaky garage, so gardening may briefly take a backseat. Therefore, the plans for next week’s post are fuzzy. Maybe we’ll talk about more recipes. Maybe we’ll write about composting. Or maybe we’ll discuss rain barrels. Whatever we decide, we promise not complain about the mosquitoes. All those darn mosquitoes!


2 thoughts on “Moving Right Along

  1. The Mystical Mansion and Garden 07/15/2013 / 2:45 am

    Great blog! Grow MORE!!!

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