Reaping (a little) of what we’ve sown

Hello all, and happy belated 4th o’ July! We hope everyone had a great and safe holiday. Here we celebrated with fireworks (viewable from our yard — so nice!), a small harvest, and NO RAIN! Yep, we’ve been rain-free for 3 days now! 3 whole days!! Aaaaand, now we’re under a thunderstorm watch. Go figure; and just when our yard is about to fully dry out too. Phooey.

Work in the garden this week was slightly delayed due to rain earlier in the week, but we finally, finally got the rest of our pepper seedlings in the ground. And they are anywhere and everywhere. Anywhere there was soft soil and sun, there is now a little pepper plant. We didn’t have much luck with peppers last year, but we’re hopeful with this year’s crop that includes a variety of banana, bell, and chili peppers. Right now the peppers are all pretty small, so well see what happens. Hopefully at least a few of the 60-some seedlings will take off.

In the meantime, we’ve continued with harvesting peas and wax beans.

Just a few that haven't gotten eaten yet!

We’re big fans of snow peas generally, and these are so crisp and delicious it’ll be hard to go back to the frozen variety in a few months! As we mentioned before, we lost most of the plants due to the rain, however some are slowly coming back to life. We’re hoping to get at least one more harvest before they die off completely. The wax beans are kind of in the same boat. The plants are trying hard to produce, and we’ve gotten a few beans but not many. Again, we hope that better weather in the future will mean better bean harvests.

Though the peas and beans struggle, we just made our first cucumber harvest!


These little beauties will soon be in our salads and made into pickles! Last year we made a couple great batches of quick pickles, but the recipe has gone missing. It involved a very simple cache of ingredients, including water, white vinegar, salt, sugar, mustard seeds, celery seeds, dill, and coriander. Throw all that into a pot and bring to a boil. Meanwhile, thinly slice the cucumbers and  pack them fairly tightly into a jar (with a tight-fitting lid). Once the pickling liquid has boiled and cooled slightly, pour over the cucumbers, screw on the lid, and place the jar in the fridge. Let them sit for at least a few hours (24 hours is best) before enjoying. They don’t come out as strong as normally-pickled pickles, but they are tasty nonetheless. (If we happen to come across the actual recipe with measurements, we’ll be sure to share it properly.)

Hmmm…sounds like the rains have started up again. Ah well, and just when we were thinking our sump pump might catch a break. As long as the rain doesn’t take over the week, we’ll have more progress pictures to show next week!


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