It’s a jungle out there, so why not garden it!

A little over a year ago, my husband and I purchased our first home. It’s a very cute and modest 3 bedroom abode located in a small New Jersey town not too far from Philadelphia. A number of things drew us to the house, but none so much as the back yard. We have almost 1/5th of an acre, small by some standards but more than enough for us, and most of that 1/5th is in the backyard. We knew immediately that it’d be the perfect backyard for a garden, with the sun passing from the yard’s back corner to the opposite front corner.

There's really no easy way to get a picture of a's just...there...
There’s really no easy way to get a picture of a yard…it’s just…there…

The owners before us had laid several planting beds around the property. In the front yard we have plenty of space for several aging and new azalea bushes. On one side there’s a forsythia plant that’s growing over a small azalea bush; on the other is a new lilac bush that will eventually be a beautiful tree.  And there are two small quarter-moon shaped beds in the front for flowers. In the backyard we have several more beds, a couple of which we’ve since transformed.

One of the aforementioned beds from last year.
One of the aforementioned beds from last year.

“Um, yeah…so?” I can hear the collective sigh from the blogosphere, “Your point being…?”

My point being, welcome to our blog. Though its mission might change over time, for the moment, we plan to use it to document our garden and our experience gardening. Our happy, lovely garden here in South Jersey! It’s not out first garden at this house, but I’ll relay last year’s experience in an upcoming post or two (or three). Last year was all about just doing; this year, we’ve learned from past mistakes and successes and even did a little planning! Now we’re raring to go, though so much of the initial work is done in fits and spurts, and then it’s a lot of “hurry up and wait.”

See, we even have some tomato seedlings! Prepared!
See, we even have some tomato seedlings! Prepared!

Over the coming months, we’re aiming to do weekly posts (on Sundays), more or less, depending on our schedules and how much there is to discuss. And for the most part, what you’ll read here will be garden-related. We’ll be documenting our crops and how well they do (or don’t), our processes – from learning-on-the-job to pointing out helpful websites, and we might throw in the occasional warranted or unwarranted rant here or there (can we please just talk about the price of dirt…it’s dirt for cryin’ out loud?! Yeah, yeah, I know it’s special dirt…).

So welcome to our journey — we’re more than happy to have you along for the ride! And we hope you’ll share your stories, your advice, and your comments during the trip!


2 thoughts on “It’s a jungle out there, so why not garden it!

  1. anonymous 04/23/2013 / 3:20 pm

    Great first blog. I’ll look forward to seeing how your garden grows. Last year we had a very wet spring that drowned most of the plants in our garden. 30 potato plants were put in and covered with about a foot of hay. I thought it was too much since it took quite a while for the plants to come up and then we only got 20 potatoes out of the bunch. This year we are going to plant the potatoes in tire wheels so they will have more protection if we get a lot of rain. Work has already started on all the flower beds. I’ll see if I can send you a picture or two if I can figure out how to do that. Have fun.

    • Garden State-ments 04/23/2013 / 7:12 pm

      Thanks! We planted a couple potatoes last year in a large plastic bin. They grew a good bit but died before producing anything. I don’t think were trying potatoes again this year, but it’s possible. The idea of planting them in tires sounds interesting — hopefully the plan will work!

      Our spring started out nice, but it has been very chilly recently, almost to the point of frost. So our flower beds are on hold for the moment.

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