So we “built” that “fence” after all

Just before Memorial Day we planned and planted our long bed of bush beans, string beans, and pole beans. About a week after, small sprouts began to appear. Things were looking good…really good.

About a week after that, there were nearly no sprouts to be seen.

Stupid rabbits. 😦 Continue reading


The Year’s First Update in Pictures

With the garden now settled, it’s time to take our first gallery tour of how things look! It’s still early, and we did have some pretty drenching rain just the other day, so if things look a little washed out, it’s only because they are. We’ve got some sunny days ahead, so everything should bounce back nicely. Hopefully, anyway.

And with that, let’s start the tour! Continue reading

The Garden is Finally “Done”

If you’re wondering why we put “done” in quote s in the titles, it’s because a garden is never really “done.” If anything, it’s an infinite work-in-progress! So what we really mean here is that the garden is now fully planted. Err…seeded? Whatever you want to call it, despite the promise of yet more rain, we had quite the productive weekend! Continue reading

The Rain Came and the Rain Went

Just…wow. We’re certainly had our share of rainy weather over the years, but something the storms fronts that rolled through last week were different. Thankfully, there wasn’t much on the way of actual storms, just a lot of rain. And over the course of several days, especially Wednesday through Saturday, if we weren’t getting steady rain, then it was drizzling or misting. It was just kind of…different. But no matter really, because they results were the same: wet, wet, and more wet. Continue reading

A Not-Quite-Tacit Tuesday

In our somewhat silly take on the “Wordless Wednesday” theme — where one blogs pictures instead of words — and also, because it’s Tuesday and not Wednesday and “Wordless Tuesday” just doesn’t sound all that great — we’re offering up a few shots of our garden-ready yard and environs. Last weekend we completed the final round of clean-up. We finally mowed the yard (much to the dismay of our allergies), we tilled and put down new soil in most of the beds (the extra-long bed for beans remains, but that’s a separate project altogether), and we planted some lettuce/greens and radishes (but everything still looks like dirt now, so no need to record that for posterity). Our peas are looking quite lovely, in an among all that too. Here’s a few quick shots of how things look. Continue reading