Surviving the summer’s first heat wave

When the thermometer barely grazed 80 degrees this past weekend, after trudging through a week where things were well into the 90s with “real feels” soaring in the 100s, it almost felt winter-riffic! No kidding, there were a couple moments were we *almost* pulled out a couple blankets just to get through the chilly mornings, but what a relief it was to finally have the heat break. Continue reading


The Year’s Second Update in Pictures

Happy (almost) 4th of July! The month is just two days old and already we’re “enjoying” 100+ degree weather. Yeesh. The garden hasn’t been complaining as much as we have been, though. Aside from a little daytime wilting, everything outside seems to be doing a-ok. Eh, for the most part. Things are a little hit-or-miss depending on where you look. And it’s with that in mind that we offer our second garden tour of 2018. Let’s see just how everything’s doing out in the yard…

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The Year’s First Update in Pictures

With the garden now settled, it’s time to take our first gallery tour of how things look! It’s still early, and we did have some pretty drenching rain just the other day, so if things look a little washed out, it’s only because they are. We’ve got some sunny days ahead, so everything should bounce back nicely. Hopefully, anyway.

And with that, let’s start the tour! Continue reading

The Garden is Finally “Done”

If you’re wondering why we put “done” in quote s in the titles, it’s because a garden is never really “done.” If anything, it’s an infinite work-in-progress! So what we really mean here is that the garden is now fully planted. Err…seeded? Whatever you want to call it, despite the promise of yet more rain, we had quite the productive weekend! Continue reading